I want to get a bottle of YYJs thin lube but the site is always out of stock!!! I know I could probably get it elsewhere but I dont really like web hopping for a reliable site when I know of this one lol

There’s that one place that sells the lube that claims you only need to put a drop on your bearing to be straight. They have, like, 6 bottles left in stock. That guy seems to have some sitting around as well. Normally, you could get it here but it’s currently sold out.

A quick search of the net shows most lube seems to be out of stock everywhere at the moment, especially the YYJ thin. You might get lucky and find a place I missed, though. I only looked at the usual suspects.

Of course, there are good alternatives. The valve oil used in instruments like trumpets makes a great thin lube, provided you have a music store in your area. I’ve also used small amounts of baby oil in a pinch.

A list (certainly not complete) of things to avoid would be lithium, graphite, 3-in-1 Oil, WD-40, most firearms oils, and Yomega Brain Lube. They’ll either create an extremely responsive throw, torch the bearing outright, and/or cause damage to the plastic of the yo itself.

valve lube huh? guess I’ll have to do a google search on the local area…on a side note of lubes…would sewing machine oil be another no-no for a yo-yo? I was curious cause my moms got a giant bottle of it for her machine

Sewing machine oil is fine. Just use a very small amount.

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I heard gun oil was ok. Is that not the case?

A lot of people recommend it.

Here’s another, available at the local hardware store:
Synthetic teflon or PTFE based lubes work good - fishing reel, gun type lubes come to mind.
The hardware store should have something called Synco Super Lube. Radio shack sells the same product under their own label.

Here’s one w/o PTFE (lower viscosity)

Super Lube® Synthetic Oil w/o PTFE, Bottle, 4 oz, 52004

I’m a big fan of clipper oil myself

Get some V4m lube. Just as good

skaters, don’t try silicone lube

I got some v4m in the mail now…thanks for all the help guys

I generally use firearm oil. However, even when i put two drops from a pin I get a responsive bearing for sometime. I enjoy responsive play so it is not too big of a deal. However, I would not use it if I were looking for unresponsive play.