replacement for thin lube

If you don’t have any thin lube & you don’t want to wait on shipping then you could use sewing machine oil or gun oil.

I wouldn’t reccommend it.

Really, cleaning the bearing the right way is worth waiting for shipping.

YoYoJam Thick Lube:

YoYoJam Thin Lube:

I use Whal’s Clipper Oil :wink:

I use Trumpet Valve Oil on my Speed Maker.

Sewing machine oil is okay. Not sure about gun oil. But still, thin lube is the best, never seen a liquid with such a high viscosity in my life.

I use sewing machine oil, i got trumpet valve oil but idk if it is good

other guys been thru the same problem with me
2 numbers and 2 words: 3 in 1 oil
find it in ur neighbourhood hardware store:D

Those lubes are just fine. I actually like remmington gun oil.

Also unsented baby oil is a great substitute, plus it cheap as chips.

I use Gunslick.

Also you don’t clean a bearing with YYJ lube, theyoyoempire. You clean bearings with a solvent and then lube with your desired oil.

You guys act like yoyo lube costs $100 a bottle. You do realize that the $5 investment of YYJ thin lube will probably last you the rest of your life, right? The stuff is made for yoyo bearings. As a brass player, I can tell you that piston or rotary valves require a heavier oil than do the extremely free-spinning yoyo bearings. I have 10 different types of oils laying around for brass instruments and I still use YYJ thin lube. It’s worth the $5 just for not having to worry about your bearings. (with brass instrument oils you run into different blends of synthetic/natural oils. if you mix these, you will be screwed, especially in something as precisely machined as a ball-bearing.)

Bad idea. This stuff will eventually leave a residue that will gunk up your bearing.

This is only good for thick lube.

i have been using remmington gun oil for couple years now works fine. i have all types of bearing also yyj, yyf, grove bearing, spyy bearing, and kk i have use rem oil in all fine.