Silicone Lube

(Derek) #1

I am trying to clean my yoyo bearing. I have paint thinner, but i dont have any thin lube. Does anyone know if Motomaster Silicone lube works just as well as thin lube after you have cleaned your bearing, or should i not use it?


I suggest not to use it. Chances are it will ruin your bearing.

(Derek) #3

Is there any other type of lube i could use, that would work as thin lube?

(VincentD) #4

I believe sewing machine oil works well.

(Derek) #5

thanks. if i can find some ill try it


Some things that can work are:

Sewing Machine Oil
Clipper Oil
Trumpet Valve Lube
3-in-1 Oil
Gun Lube

(Derek) #7

ok, thanks ;D

(Derek) #8

I just found some gun oil. its called Remmington Rem Oil. is this the sort of stuff you were talking about?


Yeah - I have heard many people having good luck with this.

And remember, after cleaning only put a tiny amount :wink:


and tiny means,drop some on a pin and tough the pin to some of the balls