Alternatives to thin lube

does anybody know any good alternatives to thin lube? I need something cheap and that can be purchased in small quantities.

The only thing I have heard of is Sewing Machine Oil. I have never tried it but if you don’t want to pay to get some YYJ Thin Lube and you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO lube your bearing then I would give this a shot.

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Gun oil, and trumpet valve oil. :wink:

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no name baby oil, preferably unscented.

Baby oil has paraffins in it. over time it is bad for your bearing. gunking it up and all. Baby oil is not meant for friction either.

I’ve heard that oil used in hair clippers works, but haven’t tried it. It seems to have as similar viscosity to my YYJ Thin Lube.

Trumpet valve oil works like a charm.

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3 in 1 oil I beleive. Clipper oil does work BTW.

NOT sand. whatever you’ve heard.


I love you ed

I had that suggested to me once, and tried it, but wasn’t pleased with it. There’s a chance I used too much but I don’t believe so.

@ Ed: So that’s what happened to my last bearing. O_O

3-n-1 is considered thick lube.

Sand will make the yoyo totally responsive. If you don’t care about your bearing at all then go for it.

On second thought…


Ah, that explains it.

I would just like to let you know, that if you use trumpet valve oil, there is a chance that it could mess up the plastic in a yo-yo, but if you get it in the bearing and not on the plastic, then it might not be a problem.
I hope this helps.

i have tried them all and sewing machine oil is by far the best!

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