Home made thin lube??


its Gregor again and I have one question.

I was wondering if you could use anything else then lube which you have to buy. Ive heard about sewing machine oil but im not sure.

I have a DM special edition coming in the post soon and don’t have any lube right now so please help me.



you can use 3-in-1 oil from wal mart

will it ruin the color on the special edition DM?

thx Gregor

no not at all, you just put a couple drops into the bearing and play, its the best non yoyo company made lube around

could you please give me the link of where to buy plz?


DON’T USE 3-in-1!!! it will destroy your bearing over time. i did and my kk hardly spins anymore. I had my first kk for about 3 months and it died on me from using that oil. 3 in 1 has something in it that grinds down the balls and tracks of your bearing so do not use it. besides you asked for thin lube and it works as thick lube. i highly suggest just getting you a bottle of yoyojam thin lube. it will save you a whole lot of problems. trust me jam lube is your best bet. later.

keep it spinning. which means no 3-in-1

I use Clipper Oil, and Bones Bearing Lube, but don’t use any lube that isnt YYJ lube, unless you clean the bearing first.

Yes, robert is right. it killed my bearing… like… KILLED

thats wierd it didnt kill mine and patrick mitchell swears by it fyi

Well, you guys are sorely misinformed. 3in1 is used for 2a. Thats why you guys killed your bearings, because it is supposed to make it responsive.

if its for 2a and makes your yoyo responsive than why dont jam lube thick kill you bearing. iv had first hand exp with it so i know what im talking about. 3 in 1 will kill you bearing if you use it long enough.

thanx for telling me i was just gna buy lol.

But yoyoexpert never has any thin lube on the market??

I use a motorcycle rust lubricant. My bearing spins like it did 6 months ago

You can check out some other online yo-yo stores that have some YYJ Thin Lube in stock.

Here it is at YYN:

i use disapearing ink

Or you could order it from right here on this site.  :wink:


Currently 45 in stock as of the time of this writing.

Yeah, before it was out of stock.

You can try Trumpet Valve Oil.  But still i would recomend getting YoYoJam Thin Lube.

Yeah, 3in1 slows down the bearing. I use it for 2A, because you want response for that.