Is three in one oil a thick lube?;o It sleeps pretty long for me:O

AND if it is thick lube, does that mean i cant do advanced tricks anymoar?:O…well…the 2 that ive yet to perform properly, and all the intermediate ones i fail b4 finishing…begginer tricks im ok with thoXD

Yes it’s considered a thick lube. Thin lube has the consistency of water.

I am not sure if it is like thick lube or not, but if it is, all you have to do is add some thin lube, and play it to break down the lube.

P.S. I would just like to let you know, I would not recommend 3-in-1 oil on your bearing, I would recommend oil that is meant for yo-yo bearings,(like YoYoJam oil) so you know it won’t, in any way, mess up your yo-yo.(like trumpet valve oil, it can damage the plastic in a yo-yo)(Here is a link to where it says it: http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Cleaning_a_Bearing)
I hope this helps.

3n1 oil has been used in yoyo’s for a loooong time. I use it on my responsive plastic yoyo’s with no ill effect.

OK, thank you, Icthus, for your help, I just thought it was something somebody came up with, and I didn’t know if it could somehow mess up yo-yo bearings.

;p i really wanted to get thin lube, but then i dont think getting another 19.5$ CND charged as shipping without any big expensive purchase is worth it…well my parents dont think so

Another thing worth noting is in the words of that article, “…this is normally not a problem since the lube is only on the inside of the bearing.” Any lubricant designed for use on metal parts is fine. Generally though a thinner lubricant is preferred. Some oils can break down some plastics. This normally isn’t an issue however because as yo-yoers we us a very small amount of oil that is applied directly to the balls in the bearing.

I prefer to use thin or thick lube