thin lube

is there any thing i can use as thin lube besides yyj’s ??? keep on spinning

Trumpet valve oil
Singer oil (Sewing machine oil) - This is medium, its not too thick, but not too thin. A needle drop will make your yoyo slightly responsive.
Gun machine oil - Not so sure about this one, wait for others to comment first.

But still, YYJ Thin lube is extremely thin compared to any of these. Highly recommended to just get thin lube.

And im just wondering, do you want thin lube to make your yoyo less responsive? Because thin lube will only make the yoyo more responsive, even if its a very small difference.

Actually, Thin Lube makes it less responsive. Thick Lube will make it more responsive.

If you have a really badly thick lubed yoyo, thin lube PROBABLY might make it less responsive. But if you broke into the bearing/cleaned it, it will make it more responsive.

The reason you clean bearings is to remove the lube to make it less responsive. You put thin lube in there and there is more lube, so it gets responsive again. It may only be a little, but it will still be more responsive.

If its thick lubed, it WILL make it more responsive. If there is no thick lube left, thin lube won’t do anything.

I’m not understanding this? Even if we go by your theory, we can’t assume that all of the thick lube is out of the yoyo.

PS- Sorry for getting in this argument

PS #2- Thick and Thin is a big tongue twister.

But for my thick lubed yoyos, thin lube only makes it even more responsive, and my clean bearings with thin lube are more responsive. Not trying to argue here, just stating facts.

Okay sorry about the argument, but I’m not so sure of the situation of m_yoyo’s bearing, so sorry :-[

I’m sorry too.

But that’s really weird. Thin lube should DEFINITELY not make a thick lubed yoyo more responsive. Are you sure it is Thin Lube?

unless Yoyojam/Spinworkx is cheating me, which is highly unlikely, im pretty sure it is ???

Trumpet valve oil is the best I have found that keeps the bearing going. But never put 3in! oil in your bearing it will eat it alive. I lost my first kk to 3in1 oil. Still it is just best to get yoyojam lube. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Dude same my DM bearing locked up now…I need a new one but I might not yet because I’m getting a new yo-yo today probably.

Wow… Sweet… I’ve had slide oil this whole time and I’ve been running my bearing dry…

yeah trumpet oil is probably the best and cheapest because you get a big bottle compared to the yyj lube bottle for about the same price! and if you play a brass instrument your more likely to have some because you can be like mom i need valve oil and then use it for your yoyo muahahaha lol

Yeah I was just at the music shop to pick some up before the band season and I read this and was like… Shoulda grabbed two!

I been experimenting with differnt oil for a while and ill post more later but
trying to make the longest sleeper

unless you clean the bearing in min spirits , spin it on a pencil clean it again spin it then blow it with compressed air. THEN put One LIL drop of whatever oil , you cannot say this makes it more responsive

true test needs a clean dry bearing.
adding thin lube to a dirty thick lubed bearing Of course it will slow it

If you pop off the dust caps and look inside you will see lil chunks of hair from the string inside the bearings at times


so other stuff that I found works great

Air tool oil , for pnuematic air tools
high speed Turbine oil

all are at ace hardware for a few bucks

imho thin lube is sae 9 and air tool oil is sae9 is still the best

unless im wrong on thinlube and its like sae8

graphite lube for brake throtle cables from atv dealer also works good but only for a few hours before it needs to be reaplied

A store by me has mosquitos on sale for 3.20$ each I may go buy 6 of them clean the bearings and test each oil and average sleep times and average time to reaplie oil , ie how long it lasts till I notice a performance decrease

That would be a fun experiment… always make sure you keep one unchanged as control… So like clean it but run it dry

I dont have any thin lube. But whenever I clean my bearing I like to use gun oil. It works really well!

did any 1 tried petrol ???

isn’t petrol thick??

hmm is kerosene ok, it seems the be very thin

I don’t think u should use that lols, i think it can melt through the plastic on the yoyo. And it also smells :frowning: