Thin lube

Does any one have a substitution I could use for thin lube on my DM, I’m moving into advanced and I need to make it less responsive (I’ve using thick lube for a while). Any one have any ideas? ;D

Search it, You’ll find many results.

Trumpet Valve Oil
Sewing Machine Oil
Gun Oil

Buy it from here!

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Kim-Lan, do you have gun oil? Because I don’t think it’s thin enough. The thin lube feels almost like water, gun lube has a bit more substance.

I have it and mine seems thin…

The gun oil did nothing, if anything it made it more responsive. :frowning:

Well, was the Dark Magic bearing already broken in?

Clipper oil worked for me befor I got some thin lube.

Use Thin lube

I think that’s what he was trying to avoid. the thinner sewing-machine oil should work out fine. you can also use BB gun oil or trumpet valve oil. Those are the more used, you can probably find others.

Thanks for all the help and yes it was broken in, but because I was a beginner I went to a games store and they had thick lube but thin. So now I’m moving to advanced but need some more unresponsive play. I probly should just buy the thin lube off the site.

That would be a wise decision. I am using trumpet valve oil I am in advanced. Though thats only for my Speed Maker because my Speeder is very very unresponsive.

I would just go with that,it would be safer too.

Well, was the Dark Magic bearing already broken in?
hey samad!
what is the meaning of “broke in” in the bearing?

what does it mean?

When a bearing is broke in, the lube is more or less worn out to a certain point.

Personally, thin lubing doesn’t help my yoyos get any more unresponsive. Even when my yoyo is caked with thick lube, thin lubing it just makes it have more lube, thus more responsive.

I suggest cleaning your bearing.