Thin yoyo lube

Hey guys… So im starting off with advanced tricks so ive been using my ONE yoyo alot and the bearing has turned responsive :open_mouth: i dont have thin lube so is there anything convenient i can use that i could probably find in my house? I was thinking canola oil, idk, that might be a stupid idea, im new to this o.O so any ideas?

Trumpet valve oil and very thin sewing machine oil I think works pretty well
(I use trumpet valve oil that I got from my local music store and it works pretty well for me)

Do you have the C big or Half C?

Most Any other lube found around the house or in a hardware store is going to be Thick and make it responsive.

Just so ya’ know, Thin lube will last FOREVER (Unless you drop it and spill it ;)) because you only need a microscopic amount in your bearing.

Pick up a bottle of YYJ thin V4M or YYF performance oil. Make sure it says Thin or Unresponsive lube.

After that you will need to clean your bearing before you lube it.
Get some 100% pure mineral spirits. Put the bearing in a small GLASS cup or bowl. Pour some in, just enough to cover the bearings. Get a toothpick and swish them around, then let them sit for about 5-10 mins. Take them out with the toothpick and put the bearing on a pen or pencil or steel rod, and spin the bearing until its dry. Then wipe it off with a paper towel and put it in your yoyo.

To lube: Get your container of lube. Take a pin or needle. Take the top off the lube, and dip the pin in the lube pull it out, and touch a few of the balls on the De-Shielded bearing. Flick it with your finger and repeat once or twice until smooth.

It will be responsive for a little bit, but that’s because lube slows the bearing down. Just throw until unresponsive again :).

Is there anything i could do immediately rather then prdering? Would canola oil be adequate? I was looking on google and saw that on a few forums.

Like bcmaddog asked, do you have the normal sized bearing, or the slim one?
Also, if you don’t want your bearing to be responsive, you don’t have to add any lube. I’ve been running bearings dry for about 2 years now, and none of them have died.

Im using the large bearing, and ive overused itor something and now its responsive

Well you can run them dry. Just clean them dry them and do not add any lube :). Or you can pre order a bottle of lube. If you need money do some chores :). It will last FOREVER as I said. I have only used a 1/10 of the bottle :). Until I spilled it (my fault :() now I have a 1/4 a bottle but it will last FOREVER!!!

bearings tend to start unresponsive, become responsive, then go back to being unresponsive when they’re new. I’m not really sure why. Just clean the bearing using mineral spirits, acetone, lighter fluid, or electrical contact cleaner and you should be fine.

Just in my opinion, stay away from Acetone. Mineral spirits is way better and less dangerous ;).

I did just that, funny thing though. When i got the yoyo it was loud when it was sleeping, but now its alot quieter :D… However, the sleep time has decreased a little bit :-\ something else is that my binds are sooo much smoother then they were before, im not sure why… I used to get knots alot when i bind but now it barely does oddly

Lube does slow down the bearing some, but that’s why you only put in a little.

As for the binds, It’s practice lol glad you’re getting better though :slight_smile:

So its fixed?

Not stupid, but not good either. Never use food based oils as lube. They get rancid.

As I mentioned above " Most lube other than yoyo lube is going to be thick lube and make it responsive."