What type is my bearing?

So, recently I got myself an N12 shark Honor, but the bearing went dry just after 3 days of usage. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to thin yoyo lubricant but I am considering to purchase a new bearing. IMG_20190204_221815 IMG_20190204_221811
Which is the generic bearing for this brand of yoyo?
Thanks in advance.

Any size C bearing will fit. You probably don’t need a new bearing though, I would try cleaning it first.

Good info:

What exactly is wrong with the bearing? Some people run bearings dry. Are they ceased up? Can you no longer get any spin? Use the search bar - there are lube alternatives to official yoyo thin lube.

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A bottle of lube last so long that the probablilty of losing it ishigher than using it all up. So I don’t see why to say no to buying a bottle!
YYF even have it on Amazon.

That is a non- stainless steel bearing, concave.
Most N12 bearings rust but all you really need to do is either clean, or lube it. 1 small lube bottle can last a year with 20 yoyos, and bearings can still be good with rust.
Buying lube is smarter, and cheaper. Bearings can cost the same as a cheap magicyoyo

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Hmm… I’m not so sure about that.


Well, if it is just the outer race, it can still function properly. I need to be more specific xd

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