[Insert yoyo name here] is responsive

So, as to hopefully put an end to all the “My yoyo is responsive” topics out there, I am posting a topic with some advice.

Clean the bearing

Cleaning the bearing removes unwanted lube. It is recommended to add a small drop of lube. An alternative to this is blowing the bits out with compressed air.

“I cleaned the bearing but I think I added too much lube!” Repeat this process.

Your response isn’t broken in yet

Pretty self explanatory. Just keep playing it until it breaks in. Some people do a lot of binds to wear it in. This works too.

Your bearing isn’t broken in yet.

Again pretty self explanatory. Just keep playing it until your bearing gets smooth. You can also put it on a dremel and spin it until it’s smooth. Same principal.

Get a new bearing

You could have just gotten a bad bearing. Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious.

Only after trying all these should you post a topic like that. Sorry just wanted to clear that up.

This should be stickied. Good job.

Sorry no sticky. It has been added to the mods and maintenance sticky though.

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Thanks icthus