Common Yoyo Axle Sizes


This question comes up often enough that it deserves it’s own topic. I’ve assembled what I know here. Please feel free to fill in the blanks for other models and manufacturers and I will update the main post as they are added. Only add an entry if you are sure about it please.

This should help when people need to replace an axle and may be able to find what they need at a hardware store. If you don’t find it here, take your yoyo to the hardware store and see if they have something that fits i.e. proper thread size and length.

Note that if they don’t have the right length, get a screw of the correct thread size and cut it to length. Smooth the cut edge with a fine file or coarse stone.




Fluchs, Eetsit, Bapezilla
1/4x20 thread set screws, 3/4 in. long.
(Others ?)



Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works

Etienne says:
CLYW axle can be found as UNC - #10 setscrews; usually 5/8’’ long.
This info is from Chris at CLYW
Note there is a short and a long axle, verify length you have.


Newer Dif’s use a 10x24 thread 5/8" set screw for the axle.
InTernal Turmoil, the Tank, Cross Bones, Bone Chip

Older Dif’s use 1/4x20 thread set screws, 3/4 in. long.
Bare Bones G-T-O, Wide Sport, Wide Load, Sportster,
Zzzip-Fly (?), Dif-Fly (?), Blind Orbiter (?)


Most Duncans
4mm x .7mm pitch bolt. Length varies with model.
Origami: 4mm x .7mm pitch set screw, 10 mm long.

Prestige (and probably all)
8-32 3/8 SET SCREWS


M3x18 black steel axle
(from HSPIN website)


Agape. M4 12mm long



Kyo Alph. 4mm x .7mm thread
(length to fit)

One Drop Yo-Yos

4mm x .7mm


Special order item :sraca


All models
6x32 thread bolt


All models
8x32 thread set screw, 3/4" long


(M4 designates a 4 mm screw diameter)


4mm x.7mm pitch, 16mm long. (Stu/Werrd)

Eighty-Six 400
4mmx7mm pitchx12mm long (M4 x 12.0mm Stainless)


6-32 thread, 1 & 3/16’’ long
(raiders etc.)
Note that they also have an unthreaded midsection as well.


Most YYF use a 4mm x .7 mm pitch set screw.
Lengths for various models:
8mm MVP, BOSS, SuperNova LITE, SuperNova, Proton, New SuperStar, Space Cowboy, Horizon, Aviator 2, Too Hot
10mm 44, 44 Special, 2010-2012 Superstar, Skyline, DNA, H.O.T., Equilateral, Shutter, POPStar, Cypher, Aluminum Dream
12mm ( FundaMETAL - Dv888, Hectic, Frantic, Protege), Genesis, Hubstack Genesis, DV888, Yuuksta, Super G, Rockstar 2012, Catalyst, Chaotic, Lunatic, Severe, Hectic, Protege, Avant Garde
20mm 888, G5 (post 2007), pre 2010Skyline, C13, Speed Dial
25mm Protostar, Northstar, Grind Machine, Counter Attack, Die Nasty
hex key size: 2 mm (5/64" works)

888, 08 888, and GM2
4mm x .7mm pitch, 20mm long set screw (yoyofactoryben)
hex key size: 2 mm (5/64" works)

4mm x .7mm pitch bolt

Mighty Flea
#2-56 x 1/2 set screw


Most all older models
6x32 set screw, 3/4" long

Hitman Pro and newer YYJ models with the Solid Spin axle system use an 8x32 set screw. The one in the HM Pro is 1/2" long.

Aquarius: 8x32 set screw, 5/8" long.

Response O-ring size
#11, 3/4x9/16x3/32


1/4-20 setscrew, 3/4" long

Useful modification & maintenance guides -- clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

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