standard axle size/thread

suppose i was designing a yoyo and i just wanted it to have the standard yoyofactory sized axle, what are the specs of the axles they use? the program i’m using allows you to make threaded holes, and there are a bunch of standard thread sizes included, i was just wondering what thread size the standard axles are. i hope i worded that right.

A lot of companies use set screws, often of 4mm X10mm variety. These are commonly found in hardware stores. The upside is that replacements are readily available. I guess if you new the angle of the threading that would be more important. I would have to check what I have to see what threading it uses. I would think the diameter and length would be more sufficient for the purposes of modelling.

The two most common axle sizes out there are the M4x.7mm for metric axles and the 8x32 for standard. For those less in the know, that’s diameter followed by pitch. Length is mostly just seasoned to taste, but should be given at least a little thought.


awesome! that’s exactly what i needed to know, now, when you say “metric” axles what brands do you have in mind specifically? standard i’m guessing are yo-yofactory and all others that use that axle size.

YoYoFactory, Duncan, and One Drop all use M4 x .7mm threading for their axles. SPYY and now YoYoJam both use the 8x32 (YoYoJam used the 6x32 on earlier models, but all the solid spin ones use 8x32).