Is it me or the yo-yo?

I know this might be too late, but it sounds to me like your ONE might just need a good bearing cleaning, a DROP of THIN lubricant, and then a good solid tuning. I bet with 30 minutes, a bottle of 90% rubbing alcohol, a decent lubricant, and some patience you’ll find all your troubles gone.

Best of luck!


Ah ah, this forum looks fantastic!

That’s too much information for my young yoyo culture, I won’t remember all of that.

@Avvatar, I’ve read how to clean, lube, but what do you mean by “tuning” it ?

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After cleaning the yoyo and lubing it, tighten the halves together. Not TOO tight, but enough to keep it together during play. Next, throw the yoyo and feel for vibration. Tighten JUST A LITTLE BIT. Throw the yoyo and feel for vibration. Tighten JUST A LITTLE BIT. Repeat this until your yoyo is playing smoothly and wonderfully. Remember, the tightening is done is tiny amounts.

That is how I learned to tune my yoyos.


Keep in mind that the tuning method described in the mods and maintenance guides applies only to yoyos with a removable hex bolt and nut axle. Also tightening does not imply that you tighten it if you feel more vibe. The tuning involves rotating the axle or nut one notch at a time and seeing if it makes a difference. Continued tightening as I read your comment above will result in a stripped axle thread.


Both the DV888 and Creator will be much better for learning than the One you are currently using. I started with the One, and had I not tried something else, I prolly would have given up entirely due to frustration. Crappy yoyo imho, and horrible, ESPECIALLY for a newbie. As someone else mentioned, the Sage is a great choice for a newb, but unfortunately you don’t have access to purchasing one. The Creator is a really solid investment, as it doesn’t cost much, is stable, and is easily convertible from responsive to unresponsive. Personally I would recommend it over the DV888, as I still play with my Creator, but the DV888 remains untouched, and the cost is less than half than that of the DV888. Good luck, and toss the One in the trash and get something else.

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Your daughter has a MUCH weaker throw. If you want to keep her interest alive in learning to yoyo, try seeing things through her eyes, not yours. After going through three surgeries last year, I struggled with many things I had not previously nor even considered. I noticed instability, wobble, vibe and many other things as never before, all due to my lack of strength. As my strength would come back, these issues seemed to vanish. Again, after surgery, my strength was once again impacted and these issues once again rear their ugly head. It definitely increased my awareness about how these things are interwoven.


I started yoyo with an imperial, she can do it she just wants it easy. Strength does not equal a good throw. Good mechanics, smooth release and general control is what increases stability. I would be willing to bet that your issues were not from a lack of strength but from lack of fine motor control resulting from the surgery.

I agree many things are interwoven, however strength does not play as big of a factor as you think especially at the level most of us play at.

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Nope, it was from lack of strength. My motor control was fine, dexterity fine, just no strength. However, the things you mention Certainly play a I’ve role as well. When there’s no oomph in the throw though, on the days I’m feeling weak, fogetaboutit. It lends to a frustrating throw session, fo’ sho’.


you are correct

It’s a toy dude, don’t treat training your daughter like yoyo boot camp. My bet is that frustration with a cheap crappy yoyo will quickly lead to disinterest. I probably wouldn’t have yoyoed for any length of time if all I had growing up was an Imperial, I’m willing to admit.

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Time for some feedback;

  • The OD Deep State: I have it in my pocket most of the time. I’m surprised at how silent it is, and how stable its rotation is. So much that it’s hard to tell if it’s spinning. It’s much smoother than the YYF One. I was afraid its narrow profile would make string landings harder, but its stability actually makes it quite easy. I’m still a complete noob, but I get much more pleasure at training with it.

  • The Creater: I haven’t played a lot with it. It looks nice, is not bad to play with, but as I get used to the Deep State I prefer to stick with it.

  • The Apex: pushes a beginner to a different style. You can be hard on it with no fear that it’ll come back and hit your fingers. So you have plenty of spin and you can try string landings again and again. That’s fine to learn binds as well.

Do the drop test
Just put your hand straight and let it drop. If it doesnt sleep longer than 4 secs, buy a new one
Get arrow yoyo
It is good both in re and unresponsive plays
I have one when i start it is very good 4 starters
It is responsive when unboxed and it comes with an unresponsive bearing to swap for more advanced tricks

once I replaced the response pads that came with the ONE, it was fully capable of what I wanted it to fo

necropost lol

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Just get a bimetal. problem solved lol