Yo-yo being too unresponsive

I’m having difficulty getting one of my yo-yos to return to my hand when doing a bind. How can I fix this?

Check your response.

Try a new string.

Add a bit of lube to the bearing.

Check to make certain the yoyo is screwed together completely.

Try a thicker string. Which yoyo is it?

Try pulling the bind so that the part winding into the yoyo is bigger. If you are used to narrow gapped or responsive throw, binding a wide gapped yoyo will require longer bind.
If it’s totally unresponsive, check the pads.

Can you bind on other yoyos? May be a simple technique issue or response pads.

I can bind on my other yo-yos. The yo-yo that is giving me trouble is a Skyva and it is about 2 weeks old. For lube, I should add the thick kind?

Is it one of the Translucent Skyvas? We had one other person mention slipping binds so I looked into it and talked to Jeff - It looks like the gaps on the Translucent versions are about .5mm wider.

I wouldn’t lube the bearing - Adjusting your bind or using a thicker string should solve the problem, but if you’d like to swap it out for a solid color we can arrange that (if you bought it from us that is ;))

Ill make a note on the page about the gap difference. Future runs should be back to the original ~4.5mm gap width

Yep, its a translucent one. I assume I would have to cover the shipping cost?

I’d send YoYoExpert an email directly. They are very good to customers regarding these kinds of things.

I sent you a private message Garrett

I would recommend at least experimenting with adjusting your bind before sending it back. You might end up liking the contrast. You know, give it a chance, before you decide.

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