Coolest yo-yo engravings?


I’m a big fan of this engraving (art by the awesome Drew Tetz) on the Core Co. Alley Cat 650b.


I always liked the SPYY Flying V, and the real engraving on the Honey Badger.


Picture from Yoyobrothers

(Alex Mark Morgan) #66

available for trade or sale? ive been looking for one for years


Yomerican Spindustries Planet 9 and the Madhouse Lucky 7 are a couple of my favs.


of course


Is it an engraving if it is printed on plastic? :thinking:


“Coolest yo-yo graphics”


This is one of my all-time favorites (unfortunately never owned one tho)

(Choncworth) #72

I don’t think so.


Whoa @drewtetz did the loop diggers artwork? Nice :wink:


I love my dynamos;)


I forgot about the dynamos, those are really nice.


I really dug the simplicity of the Cyclotron. It was super simple and elegant. Kind of wish I still had it. DSCN1655

Alchemy CU


Alchemy CU Later


Original YYF G5 had a pretty cool hypnotic swirl.