Coolest yo-yo engravings?


Hspin Pyro 3


This pic by @property4! :heart_eyes:

(shubham) #43

Wow all so cool yo-yos here.


I always liked this Draupnir engraving:

(G2 Jake) #46

Decent -


Oh cool, are these dropping soon? Looks badass!

(G2 Jake) #48

If I have extras. These we special for a 1 day pre order.


I pre-ordered it back in November. Just saw your vid on it, can’t wait :slight_smile:

(Justin ) #50

I was just about to post this here!

(Alex Mark Morgan) #51

Do you know if there’s anywhere I could still find that Jason Lee Supernova? I had one years ago and lost it and I would give anything to throw it again


Couldn’t help but drop the massive $180 on this. Don’t even know her name, nor can read the books, but she is still my waifu.

Also the Hexada in the back just has the coolest logo, so I had to include it, thanks to aszyd for it!


Oh yeah good call on hexada that’s an excellent example of a simple engraving that still has a ton of style.

(Spinworthy Glen) #54

I suppose that’s sarcasm?


No, I like the hexada engraving.


Absolutely love the logo. That and the tube + goodies makes me love OhYesYo for something that I don’t see much other companies doing; making yoyos metal.

Also, another cool logo, except I felt like highlighting the fact that we don’t really need to know it was outsourced to China. It’d be better if I could pretend otherwise.

(André Boulay) #58

I know - those Jason Lee SuperNova were pretty rare to begin with that it might be a somewhat hard find! I would make a post on the BST in general and see if anyone comes forward with one - would definitely have to be through a trade!


I actually have one of these :joy:. Not trying to get rid of it, but I can post a pic tonight or tomorrow

(Spinworthy Glen) #60

Oh I see, he said it was the one at the back.