Coolest yo-yo engravings?


Two new yo-yos came up with pretty cool engravings:

C3 Astraea

Mowl Obsession

Oh yeah and the A-RT Sucction

Although I’m not a huge fan of engravings on yo-yos in general, I thought these three were quite cool indeed!

What’s your favorite yo-yo with engraving, post a pic of it?

(Thomas Bellotti) #2

The obsession is tight. Digging the brain thing, pretty cool


I do not mind engravings if they are in a well-recessed place where the chance of scratches are minimized. I love that black yoyo on the bottom left with the faces but I’d be fearful of getting even a speck of a scratch on the art.

(Zéphyre) #4

I really like this:

({John15}) #5

Well, that obsession is pretty cool. I actually like that a lot


One thing I can say I don’t like is complex and large engravings over a busy multi-layer splash. C3 unfortunately has this on a number of their throws. Solid colors work best for large engravings!

(ClockMonsterLA) #7

The Mowl Surveillance and M+ engravings are pretty rad.

(Justin Thompson) #8

You guys ain’t seen nothin yet, I got a good one Ill post soon as I get home :slight_smile:


I had a look through my collection, and I thought these looked cool.

No Jive Mandala and SPYY Ronin


Loving those!

(Justin Thompson) #11



Here’s my favorite!

(Jacob Waugh) #14

Did you forget your DV888 Jeff?


I need an anti-like button

(Jacob Waugh) #16


(Victorian YoYos) #17

Best reply ever…

(André Boulay) #18

YoYoFactory had some amazing ones on the original 888.

Jason Lee editions have always been some of my favorites:

YoYoFactory 888 Lord of the Rings style!


A lot of these look too nice to play around with!