Yoyos you've passed on solely because of the ano

I can’t be the only one here shallow enough to have skipped buying otherwise excellent yoyos simply because of how they look.

The 2 that stick out the most to me are the Master Galaxy and Dynamo. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about both and know i’d enjoy them, but just can’t do it. The sad part is that they both have really nice engravings, it’s just that the person who chose the colors and designs clearly has no taste for aesthetics(no offense of course).

Anyway, i’m sure there’s other excellent yoyos let down by otherwise lackluster anodizing, so post yours.


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I thought the master galaxy colors were nice. But I found the Chico HH2 to be really ugly. The little yellowish dots just looks dumb and unappealing. Nice playing yoyo though.

Reminds me of the Werrd Irony. Another amazing throw definitely let down by the finish.

Anything monkeyfingr, madhouse and even some crucial. They’re all just too wacky for me. None of them highly appealed in terms of design, but the colorways were the final straw.

Interesting. I think MFD have some of the best ano out there, especially that cool splashed acid wash they do. They’re kind of the opposite for me, yoyos i’d buy solely because of the ano lol. Madhouse seemed to have good luck at first with their new finishes(not sure what it is, hydro-dip or something?) but seems to novelty has started to wear off based on sales. Crucials can be a bit lackluster for sure.

Love dis:

Yes. I agree with both of these. The master galaxy is OKAY at best, but the dynamo… -barf-

Consider what I’m paying for a yoyo, I better be pleased with the anodizing. I have to live with it so I better like what I’m going to buy.

I think the Macrocosm was a yoyo I was interested in, but the anodizing just was a total turn off and I couldn’t bring myself to purchase one.

Most other things, I can usually find at least one colorway I can be happy with.

Most YYFs haha

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I care more about what the yoyo looks like spinning vs stationary in general. Those Dynamos looks killer while spinning IMO and the engraving is rad. The MFD ano jobs are really ugly to me on the other hand. I don’t even care what it looks like spinning because stationary it reminds me of changing my kids diapers. Oh, and you’re welcome for the mental image. :wink:

There are lots of yoyos I’ve passed on because the company has yet to release a colorway that is really to my liking. The most recent one, however, is the Format C. Great design, I love the grey, the classy raw strip is awesome. I think the engraving is hideous. In general I don’t like engravings on my yoyos just like I don’t like enormous graphics or logos on my clothes. I don’t want to wear a billboard and I don’t want to yoyo with one either. Something subtle like the little mountain on the Cascade or even something whimsical like on the Gnarwhal is acceptable but there are some ugly ones out there too… YYF is by far the worst offender of companies I purchase although I don’t mind some as much as others. The Format C really takes the cake for ugliest engraving I have seen though, just heinous. I know the subject has come up and I understand some people think it’s fine and probably even like it. I’m not one of them so I’ll just hope that one day there are some unengraved ones.

Much like the El Ranchero, the photographs of the format:C engraving do not represent reality. The reality for both of those yoyos is that the engraving tends to blend into the yoyo itself, being very subtle indeed.

Not sure what it is about the camera or lighting settings, but for those two throws in particular, I have found that the engravings look very different (and worlds more subtle) in person.

Regarding MFD: another big big fan of their ano jobs here. Diff’rent strokes!

As for yoyos I’ve passed on due to colourway: can’t think of any offhand. I’m pretty easy to please, enjoying a range of colours and colourways. I’ll almost always find a colourway I “prefer” within a given run of a model, but none that I can think of where the entire run or model is so ugly that I’ve rejected it.

Speaking of the El Ranchero…I have an unengraved one and I have to say it’s one of very few yoyos that I think the engraving gives a lot of flavor to. Mine feels so boring compared to engraved ones.

Actually, I lied. Maybe it’s an SPYY thing. I think the Punchline and Ronin engravings are pretty neat too. I guess it’s mostly the “billboard” engravings that I can’t stand, not so much the engravings in general.

The yo-yos you posted that you do not like the ano, I think they look very nice. :-\ The yo-yo you posted that you love the ano…I don’t like it at all. So, we have opposite tastes in that regard. I guess that’s what preferences are for.

I cannot think of a yo-yo that I totally bypassed due to the ano. I may have skipped it temporarily expecting another run of other colors, but it never takes long for my preferences to come around on a model. I mainly go for black, blue, silver, gold…and any combination of those, such as black with a gold splash. I also love my YYE Editions too. I always luck out and my preferences are represented to my satisfaction.

I almost bought a Macrocosm because of the ano. Really unique ano on both the initial and subsequent releases. Just checked it again now and I’m still really impressed with what they achieved.

I probably would have picked up an MFD Forte, but I didn’t like any of the choices. MFD can get a bit too busy, but that wasn’t even the issue with the Forte, I just didn’t like the color choices. The Black/red one was the closest one for me, but the black was too muted, the whole thing looked too pastel-ish.

The acid wash/splash thing up there is beautiful, though.

Sometimes when I can’t decide between two annos I really like, I grab both. Though, budgeting and such has me rethinking that strategy, haha.

Ano is extremely important to me. I’ve passed on many many yoyos because they don’t compare to the competition in the looks department.

I am more fussy about engravings than ano. I have passed on a lot of yoyos based on engraving. Especially gereal yo. I have a few unengraved general yos. I also am passing on the format:C for the same reason.

I like simple understated engravings like my anglam or YYRs, or none at all, which I prefer even more.

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Engravings? I haven’t seen one terrible, but some I am not find of.

Now, colorways?

Splash. Most any splash is icky to me. I like fades and most acid wash, so basically any C3 :D.

In my opinion, splashes only look good if it includes one bright basic color and then black or white. Two rainbow colors really sets me off.

I think SPYY acid washes are excellent.

Totally agree with the Master Galaxy…really put me down :frowning:

Same actually. I am picky about ano just as much as the next guy, but a bad engraving can make a break a yoyo for me.

Come to think of it, I have like a dozen or so different Genyo’s and I only have 2 engraved.