Solid color, no logo yoyos


Am I the only one that really loves these? I can live with a yoyo that’s not a solid color, but logos really turn me off. I think one drop is probably a company that aggravates me the most when it comes to this. My code 1 would be so much better without that logo staring me in the face, I just don’t get the purpose really, just throwing a logo on yoyo for the sake of doing it. Ughh so annoying to me. Well anyway I thought we could have a thread about are favorite yoyos fitting the solid color, no logo description and what we love about the concept in general. Picture very related :slight_smile:


I love the logo’s!!! Especially one-drop!!
It shows that companies have pride in their work.


matttt55 - do you de-badge your car as well?
A logo tells the world who made that yoyo.


I agree with Jhb, do you hide the logo on your laptop? Or more relevant, prefer an original painting without the signature?
It would be hippocritical of me to say I never enjoyed an unengraved yoyo over an engraved one, but it is on a really rare occasion.
An example:
I do not like the engravings of the Ranchero, but still love Spyy engravings on all their other YoYos.


Whereas (from pictures at least), I LOVE the El Ranchero engravings and find most other engravings to be just “meh”. I don’t dislike them, they just don’t do anything for me. I’d never be fussed about the presence or absence of a logo on a yoyo, though.


Just strip and polish the yoyo if you don’t like the logo :stuck_out_tongue:


I just didn’t like the design, but that isn’t stopping me from buying it. Spyy is my favorite company, and I refuse to diss anything they put out!
I would don’t like the engraving matched with the finish. It is kinda like changing the frame work on a painting, but I would never strip a yoyo of a brand logo.


I think sometimes engraving yoyos that have more than one color (splashes and washes) makes them look too busy. Solids look pretty good engraved usually though. I suppose it depends.


I’m for logos, none of that fancy engraving though usually.

Without anything to mark the revolution of a yoyo, I don’t think I’d be able to tell entirely when I should be binding. The Dv888 I’ve used with a KK bearing is so dead smooth and quiet that I wouldn’t be able to tell how fast it was spinning without the small logo on the side.

Unengraved yoyos are typically a rare sight in the market though, and I think they’re probably sought after depending on collectors. Other fears spring up in my mind at least when I see something unengraved. If there is no logo or detail, there is little to nothing stopping it from being a fake.

If I was buying from a reliable source though, I wouldn’t mind picking up a truly solid yoyo sometime. :wink:


I’m one for simplicity. However, with an growing collection and memory filling up, here’s what I think regardless of memory concerns:

First, I prefer solid colors. I just like things simple that way. Silver, blue, grey, black are all favorites. I like silver colored metals. My wedding ring, as well as my wife’s, are platinum. My necklace, which I’m currently not wearing, is silver. My wife and I just don’t prefer gold. It’s just an interesting coincidence. But, I don’t mind gold and have some gold colored yoyos.

Second, I do prefer some amount of labeling and identity. My red Sasquatch has the “CLYW” letters on it. I saw some B-grade CLYW"s(Fools Gold) Canvas yoyos with the CLYW pick-axe logo on it, which was AWESOME looking. But most of my CLYW’s don’t have anything that plan and simply says what it is. All my One Drops do.

I just prefer my yoyos to be solid colored whenever possible and easily identified. However, I won’t let that prevent me from buying something.


This has always gotten to me. Why is it that B-Grades always get the cool extra markings? The axe should be on every A-grade and B-grades are identified with no axe. This is the way the world should operate.


Deadly SpINS “Wrath” - Solid Colors no engravings -


Is it cheaper to make solid color throws? I know they are sold cheaper usually.

^^^^On a completely unrelated note will you be selling those in the next run, or at least a solid color?


I’m fine with a small engraving on a yoyo, but anything fancy really does steer me away. Yoyos without engravings have such a nice, clean look.


Yes, We will be selling both in the next run. Should be about a week.

Cheaper? …Yes. Just to give you an Idea so you know how to judge a properly priced yoyo.

Solid- About $2.50 a Half
Splash- About $5-$10 A half

With custom work it gets a little more expensive… We just got a Solid color with 3 different colored speckles and it was about $7.25 Each half.

Solid colors are always better priced! I have seen insane up-charging in limited edition splash pricing lately. You will never see an anodized charge an extra $30-$100 for a cool colorway…Its always the Yoyo Company


Thanks for the insight.

So for a cool colorway, there should only be about 5 dollars mark-up, in your opinion. In that case, the solid color Wraths would be 120?


Here’s something you’ll like. trololol.


Easy for you to say :wink:


Anodizing is kind of expensive. Well, it is for one-offs. In quantity I’m sure the price gets to drop significantly.


I would have to agree wioth the OP. I LOVE unengraved yoyos so much that I try my best to get them that way!!! They give the yoyo time to shine. You can see all the cuts and the overall shape on a strat color/unengraved yoyo. Here are a few of mine :stuck_out_tongue: The One Drops look especially great!!!