Coolest yo-yo engravings?

({John15}) #21

Idk what it is about that Ronin, but I really like it.

(InvaderDust) #22

YYR Valkryie

That “feather” is awesome


C3 Bastet


Always wanted one of those just because of the engraving.

(Peter Hunter) #25

I got this in my secret Santa on the bst and it blew my mind. The engravings are so light you can hardly feel them but the look amazing. I haven’t been able to fully identify it though. It’s an ace yo hypocrisy max, but this has the engraving on the raised plate in the cup. The only thing I can find online about this is on the hypocrisy max L but it doesn’t have the engravings on the plate in the cup. Regardless it’s sexy and more companies need to do stuff like this. It’s hard to get a good pic though so bear with me


Is it that silver/gold half swap?

Also nobody has posted the engraved VTwo. Tsk.

({John15}) #27

Dude, that background. Did you take this picture?


It’s Vilmos

(Peter Hunter) #29

We’re you asking if mine was a gold and silver half swap? Because it is. Do you know anything about this yoyo? I’ve seen a gold plated one but I have a hard time believing that a fellow would just give that away in a secret Santa box.


See this


Have to add these… There’s just something about well cut wood!


prehistoric engravings…


Reposting an awesome one from @vegabomb in a different topic.

I’m STILL aggravated that yoyofactory saw fit to make more cruddy DV888s and not any of the AWESOME classic 888. :angry:


brilliant MadHouse design.


Anyone have a Godzilla Skyline? That was my white whale back in the day…


Here’s the Green Monster Skyline @bobafret


The 888s did have some fantastic engravings. Here are a couple more.


this is the only 888 i have, and it has a nice script engraving on the lip (cant find any photos of that now)


This is the only engraved yo-yo I’ve ever wanted. Pic by @jasonwongzero found in a different topic here as I was cleaning it up.


I always thought the Singularity engraving was kinda great.