You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


Ha! I’m only up to two. One responsive, one unresponsive. In the back pack.

(InvaderDust) #2862

. . . I realize that I am ok with my iphone potentially being stolen but not my yoyo.

let me explain.

I was at an amusement park yesterday, getting on a powerful roller coaster. They had little cubbies off to the side of where you got on the ride, so you can store your loose things during the ride, so they dont fly out and you lose them in a dangerous fashion.
Anyway, I had an ihpone in my pocket and my yoyo clipped to my belt loop. Saw a sign saying they are not responsible for loss or theft of items. I thought about it for a fleeting second and decided to keep the yoyo and leave the phone.

I could always get another phone if it got stolen, but Id be gutted if my throw got taken. The collection I have makes it to where if any of them were lost, it would be very very difficult to replace it.

(Ken) #2863

When you start subconsciously attempting yoyo tricks with keychains.

(Former National 4A Champion) #2864

Subconsciously? For me, it’s very intentional. It’s always very limited though because keys have trouble staying in any kind of mount.


when you know you replied too many times (on yye forums) and think that if you try to reply to a post again… that maybe the restriction will be uplifted (due to glitch:upside_down_face:)… but it still says 22 hours left till you can reply… but then 22 hours passes and your stoked again :blush:

(Erik Kerber ) #2866

Wait theres a restriction on how much you can post now with the new forums?

You know your obsessed with yoyoing when you wish the english language would be updated so that whenever you type “yoyoing” it doesn’t have the red squiggly lines under it saying its incorrect spelling. Yoyoing is totally a word.


A real yoyo fan would add “yoyoing” to their local dictionary file :rofl:

(Mark) #2868

When you see 1.5L on a toilet and think of a 1.5 mount…


you realize you posted on this thread 10 years ago ! hahaha


Lol I think you have won this topic … :one::zero: :tada:


when you get a titanium dream/draupnir

({John15}) #2872

Your pants start to form a “yoyo ring” on the front reminiscent of the “Skoal ring”

“Real men play with yoyos. It’ll put hair on your chest.”


“Oooh, this word would make a great yoyo name.”

(Samuel) #2874

I think Im obsessed with yoyos and watches and pens lol.


Bathroom breaks at work are really throw breaks. I’ve smoothed out combos while at work.

(Samuel) #2876

When your are learning about ww2 and hitler and your not paying attention but then she says yoyo and makes a hand gesture of a yoyo. This happened just today lol.