Do you switch throws alot?

So during the day I only bring one throw with me and use it when ever i get a spare chance. I always tend to grab my wm2 when heading out.

However when i get home to my humble collection (now 10…another on the way!) I seem to throw all of them over the course of the evening. pic one up toss it for 5 or 10 mins…take a break but switch throws when i play again. Am I on an island with this behavior or do alot of you typically rotate through them?

I will say, I have 2 throws I prefer most when learning new tricks but thats the exception.

Yep, every day I take a different throw to work and I now have a wall case with 15 throws in it that I can switch if the mood takes me. Gotta keep it fresh :slight_smile:

I tend to throw a lot of different yo-yos at work (part of the job right?) but when I get home I usually just pick one and don’t switch around too much once it’s out.

my yoyos go through this wheel where i have on as my favorite and then it changes so i may throw five or six different yoyos a day.

When I’m at home I will set out 3 throws and start with my favorite of those 3
I will play it untill I get a knot usually or take a break then I will switch
Once all 3 get knotted I will sit down and untie them all
Then start the order over.

And you may ask why I get knotted so often?
Well, I’m just knot good enough knot to lol

been mainly derping with behind the back stuff, so only using my beater.

yes, and this is a large part of why I have actually enjoyed yoyoing a lot more since selling the vast majority of my throws. i spend more time playing with my toys than debating which one to switch to

I will usually bring my Metal Drifter out places since I don’t mind it kissing the pavement, but I just got my DMII in the mail that I now plan to use outside since I’ve become proficient at binds.

At home, I can never keep the same throw on my finger for longer than 30 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: I always get some work out of my different yoyos, though I’ve been using my CLYWs more frequently, but I always switch throws once in a while.

I switch out throws all the time when I’m at home. Usually I swap out when I knot. I just can’t not throw every yoyo I have during a session.

I used to switch a lot during day, but it changed lately. When I yo-yo at home, I just use Nifty 95% of time. And on the go, I just stick with YYJ Classic and Duncan Pro-Z with fixed axle,.

Wow. Thanks for making me super jealous Garrett. XP

I tend to play with 1-2 models the whole year. I remember for a stretch of 3 years, I would only play with one yoyo.

I’m curious which two they are.

I’m all over the place on this one. It depends on what day it is. Some days I feel like throwing something specific, and I go right for that one, and stick to it. Other days, I switch up, and I’ll throw several in the same yo-yo session.

Switching it up is a good thing I feel.
I can go through half a case of throws in a day just messing around with different feeling yoyos.

my wm2 and gnar2. for some reason i just seem to hit stuff way more consistently with those two throws…plus they seem to tilt way less than alot of my other throws, and they spin for a longgggggg time

More frequently than you change your socks. What? Wait! You change your socks every …STOP! To much information! My apologies, let’s not go there. ::slight_smile: