What do you do when you have multiple new throws?

Hi folks,

Just a little survey, what do you do when you bought more than one throw at the same time?
Last week I got 6 new throws in the mail and what I’m trying to do is to play with each exclusivly for a week so I’ll have a chance to know it better.
The problem is that I want to play them all! :slight_smile:

What do you do in a case like this?


Throw each of them for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long to know if you like it or not.

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I just do rotations but usually you will tend to use your favorite out of the group most often

I usually throw each one for a few minutes. But, I sort of classify them in my head after that:

  1. If I love it, and want to play it regularly, it goes in a case with others that fit that description (my main case).

  2. If I love it, but it is a collector and I want to keep it mint, I put it in a case and buy another one to put with other #1s in the main case. It will turn into a beater.

  3. If I like it, but will not play it regularly, it goes in a case with other throws that fit that description.

  4. If it is not really what I was looking for (very rare), and I don’t want to keep it, I put it on Ebay or BST for someone else to enjoy.

When the doubles created by #2 are not played as frequently anymore, and replaced by new throws as described in #1 or #2, they end up being sold. But, I will always keep the mint one. I am an educated buyer, and willing to keep a lot of throws, so I don’t sell or trade throws often.

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If they are brand new I will take them all out right away and throw string on. Then throw them in rotation until I get the feel of them and know what they’re all about. Then they are officially a part of the family and if they are good enough, make it into my 8 case. Once in the 8 case, they get love all the time (up to an hour a day for some), but make sure you feed and water them on time and get them home at an appropriate hour.

I found out that on the first few throws I loved every yoyo, but only after some time you really start to feel if it’s really good or not so much
Anyway this week is all about the summit :slight_smile: yay

The last couple times I bought multiples, I had a new-yoyo group, and an old-yoyo group. The new-yoyo group got all my play time for a couple weeks. When that new-yoyo feeling started to wear off, I just combined the two groups. Right now, I only have one throw in the ‘dog house’ which is my cupboard. I’ll give it another shot in a month or so…

Play only one a day

It’s like buying three packs of gum, it’s not that hard ;).

Just chew some for a while until it losses its flavor then try a new one.

In yoyo terms-

Throw one for a little while till you run out if tricks or while you listen to a song.

Then move one to the other, listen to a song it until you run out of tricks to do.

To test my yoyos, I ALWAYS do a Gyroscopic Flop. That test’s spin time.

Also I do sideways and I do chopsticks and some others.

See how each grinds too.

I rotate between almost all my yoyos all the time. No matter if they are new or not. Still playing my very first yoyo, a SpeedMaker every now and then. If there’s one yoyo I would have to completely rule out it’s my pocket change, that thing is horrible for anything not offstring.

I got 3 throws one time an what i did was I bounced around with what yoyos I wanted to use.

I usually buy things more than one model at a time. With one seller, I let my orders kinda stack up and then they ship all at once when we feel it’s hit critical mass. I don’t often buy one at a time anymore, but it does happen. So, when I open a box, it’s usually got a bit of variety in there.

Here’s what I like to do:

Invite my friend Roy Wilson over, who also throws, and we just attack the yoyos. Heck, my son will go through the stuff too.

Right now, my latest batch went directly to his place while I was in Vietnam, so he’s been going through them before I even had a chance at them. All new stuff too! Hey, the stuff is meant to be played, not stuck in a case for display. They are all gonna end up going to meets anyways.

If I’m on my own, I’ll grab one and play it for about a half and hour. Then try the next for about the same amount of time.

Do 3a. With two different yoyos.

i got a albatross and burnside for christmas and i liked the albatross much more for a while then i really started to like my burnside honestly i like the burnside more now and i began likeing the albatross more

I would try each one for a few minutes toget afeel for all of them

i would put them down and go practice my honor jazz band audition music

Here’s how it is for me, some throws are sleeper’s, some are hitters, some are misses, and some are fades.

Sleeper’s- This is my favorite kind of throw, the one that at first may not seem like much, but the more you play it, the more you like it. It keeps you stuck to it. My two favorite throws ever are sleeper’s, the FG Ava, and the Northstar.

Hitter’s- These guys start out good, stay good, keep on being good. I have trouble connecting to these guys.

Misses- It just isn’t you, although rare, it happens.

Fades- This is the most disappointing category. Although misses from the very start make you feel bad on a purchase, Fades leave you disdainful, wishing that every time you play it the luster of the throw will never return.

Now when I get new throws, I go through the Fade/Sleeper test, by playing it Each once every pick up. You’ll get the click in our throw and you’ll know what category the throw falls into.