Preference Backlash?

So a few weeks ago, I got my RecRev Neuae in the mail. It is a wonderful undersized modified organic throw. I’ve thrown it solely for the past few weeks, and I’ve finally become a little tired of it. I set it down and went to pick up my RecRev @, one of my favorite throws, and it just couldn’t do it for me anymore. I’ve been getting back into the groove with it a bit, but it just feels clunky in the hand compared to the smaller and much more comfy feel of the Neuae in my eyes.

Does anyone else experience such a backlash from using only one yoyo for an extended period of time? Am I the only one who finds a “Preference Backlash” when switching back to favored throws from the past? I understand out preferences change over time, but this has been quite drastic a change for me, and I imagine I will still throw and enjoy the inorganic shapes in my collection.

This is why I take 2-5 throws with me to a session I might not get to them all, I rotate I at least 2 or 3 to keep me from getting to atteched and growing out of touch with my other yoyos. I’d say that you’re experiencing something normal though. Once you adjust to one thing it becomes familiar and almost a part of you or like an extension if your arm and it’s hard to give up part of your arm to go to something less comfortable.

Pick up that @ and I bet after 30 minutes or so it will settle right back in.

When I go for meets I usually have a dozen or so throws with me and actually play them all. I have a very short att… oh look, a bird!


Most of us understand our preferences will change, or at least they do for many of us. Often, we don’t know what we really like until we try a bunch of stuff. Eventually, we get lucky enough to find what works better or best for us. Sometimes our preferences aren’t what we thought they were until we try something far outside what we think our preferences are.

In this case, we’re talking about an undersized yoyo compared to a mid sized yoyo, coupled with the fact that the new one was played constantly for 2 weeks before getting “bored” with it. I think what has happened is you got used to the smaller size and shape, and now moving back to something larger feels very clumsy. Whenever you play any yoyo a lot almost exclusively, then go to something else, there’s doing to be an adjustment, or in this case, a readjustment period. I think that’s just all it is: re-adjustment period.

I pretty much know what my preferences are. Of course, this doesn’t prevent me from trying, buying and enjoy things NOT in that category.

I agree with some of the other statements. When I leave in the AM to walk my kids to school, I have my YYE medium back on me, which contains at the moment a Destiny set for 5A, an SFX, a Phenom, an Anglam and a couple of Classics in the large pocket. I also have a Fiesta XX and Go Big hanging off it.

In my pockets will be more yoyos, which randomly rotates. This week it’s been a Freq. Wav, Avalanche and a Gnarwal, plus an XLR8 and something else random since I have been wearing a sweater with pockets since the temperature dropped this week. I will also have at least 2 Unleashed on me.

I will also have a DM2 on a holder.

Why? I never know what I might want or what I will be in the mood for. Some days, I just stick with the Unleashed pair. Sometimes I just don’t feel like using anything. When I go to meets,I bring my YYE 8-hole competition bag with 2 more off-strings hanging off it(ZRO and Jet Set), and often my 72-star “Case of Wonders”. Of course, meets are more about sharing than playing, and I’ll gladly stick to a DM2 or Classic while others go through the case.

I really mix things up. Some days I just stick with the same yoyo. Sometimes that ay turns into weeks or months(usually not). Some days I just can’t find something that moves me. Other times I can’t get started. Other days, I change it up a lot.

Whenever you are exclusive to something, going to something else requires an adjustment period. What is happening to you is normal.