Yoyos that have grown on you

So I’ve been playing my daily throws and of course like everyone I have my favorites. I have noticed though that of my daily throws which are my Arctic Circle, Decapod, Droo Bear, Evil Yo, Gelada, Sceptre and Omnicron certain throws really begin to shine and be more fun every time I pick them up.

I love the Gelada but lately I find myself playing it more and more. Same thing goes with the Sceptre which is a great Delrin and I keep it out so i can play it more and more.

Anyone else have throws they have always liked but find they can’t seem to put down? Or do you keep a regular rotation going with your throws?

Burnside, campfire, Manimal, Hatrick, and some others

Dietz sees the most action, then code 2 when Dietz starts feeling bigger then it is because im getting used to the weight and size. I like the small yoyo feeling.

I was all about undersized throws and then I started playing some full sized throws and now I love them!

Sleipnir and Stargazer v2, I always wonder why I keep trying something else…

The albatross. At first I thought good. Now when I play it, it’s ineedthisthrowsofreakingbadandneedtobuyitnow!


Genesis, when I first got it i barely threw it now for past week or two I’ve been throwing it almost everyday.

Duncan Imperial and Butterfly. That all there was when I was a kid. tim

Same here! I played a Yuuksta only for 3 or 4 months and now I just got a couple of full sized throws and I love them. I’m actually kinda getting into heavier throws whice is why I play with disc side effects on my Code 2 and pretty soon I want to get a RecRev Sharp.

Eric Wolf tulip wood yo with a bearing. Looks good, feels natural to play, has a bit of vibe, it’s just so … me.

The Oxygene Oxy 5 for me. This is a true “grew on me” throw. It has such a unique feel. It really is not anything like the probably 50 other high end metals I’ve had over the last few months. I think the rubber spacers on this axle system contribute to the almost strangely smooth sensation it has on the string.

The weird thing is that it doesn’t really do anything better than my go-to throws, but there’s just something about it. I like holding it and I like throwing it. Heck, I just like looking at it. The satin finish colorway is easily the prettiest yoyo I’ve ever seen in life.

Just the other day I grabbed my Dang… been awhile… forgot how much fun it is…

Rockstar 2012

yoyofactory ONE

YYR Dreadnought…thought it would be too big, but its comfortable in my big hands and its slow but smooth, great for a relaxed style…very chill throw.


I got a dark magic 2 and at first throw I hated it. Then I took another look at it after a week of it on my shelf being neglected. I threw it and still hated it, gave it another throw and put it through a quick combo, still hated it. After a week of forcing myself to use this new yoyo I suddenly started to like it more and more. eventually I sold it and now I’m getting a new one cause I miss my old Dark Magic 2.

I love that feeling! It’s almost as good as getting a brand new, amazing throw that feels as if it were made for you!

Marmot,got one hated it, traded for another a year later and fell in love

My Avalanche.

Just kidding. I’ve loved that thing since day one! ;D