Once you go undersized you never go back?

i’ve been playing my dingo alot considering i’ve been on the go alot. I went to go throw my hatrick and i felt all wrong.

anyone else know what im talking about?
Like i adjusted to the smallness but now im not use to the normal sized yoyo’s ???

I disagree, I had been throwing undersized ages before I bought my YYF Primo, and now I bareley play my smaller throws like my hatrick, wooly marmot, DV888 and even my dingo.

I went from small to big.


not really.
i guess there should be learning curve to it.

there will be different feel to it, and if you comfortable with undersize, i think it’s your preference.

I went from big to small back to big.

So did I, small to big without myself feeling weird.

I agree with nathaniel. I have a CLYW Campfire and big throws dont seem right.

It all depends on the user

I find it is awkward to change around. Like if I throw my offstring around for a while then switch to another yoyo it just feels weird for a little bit…

The size of a yoyo, as long as it’s under a 2.2 diameter, doesn’t really matter to me. It doesn’t feel weird if I switch from one to the other.

I only used my 888 for over a month. My peak felt enourmas when I used it next.

I used to think that way… Then I got a Punch Line and a Bassalope in the same week. Totally changed my perception ever since. Now I switch back and forth basically every day.