You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


You know you’re obsessed when you tie scraps of string to random things just so you can interact with it more.

(ZAC) #2842

Leaving the house for the day, once you get the car you realize you forgot your phone, wallet and keys. Yet there are two yoyos on you.


… the only reason you keep your FB account is for the BST :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

(Erik Kerber ) #2844

You know your obsessed with Yoyo it when you started making YoYo videos for fun as a kid. And now video production is your desired career path. When yoyoing helps you find your career, that’s next level.


Sounds like you found you passion. Not many are able to do tha and I am happy for you.

(Erik Kerber ) #2846

Thanks! yeah right now I’m just doing some odd video jobs here and there . I don’t really have a solid career path as of yet but I’m only 1 year out of high school so I’ve got some time to figure out life. It all leads back to making yoyo videos though :smiley:


when you keep designing and making yoyo

(Rock Shouse) #2848

When you spend all your time going from iPad to PC to iPhone back to iPad trying not to miss one Gsquared or SF or next One Drop drop or YYE releases…while the whole time my wife is yelling at me to get-off the dam electronics!!!


When you need a music stand but instead of going downstairs to get one you make your own by tying sheet music to the ceiling with yoyo string.

Actually that’s more just me being lazy…


I have four music stands, two for holding music and the other two for holding yoyo’s and catalogs and anything else I find necessary.


When you use your yo-yo skills in everyday life:
The other day I was folding a pair of pants… I folded in half over my arm, then again over my other arm… In my head I said, “Split Bottom Mount!”

(ZAC) #2852

you walk outside and its raining. No pockets so you make the call to use your smart phone as a yoyo umbrella.


When you call of work to try to get your hands on a g2 drop.

(Erik Kerber ) #2854

I posted this in another thread already, but when you get targeted with yoyo ads on a weather site :smiley:

(Spinworthy Glen) #2855

You know you’re obsessed with yoyoing when you keep checking the unread posts on the forums to scan for new and interesting topics even though you know you won’t find anything there.


Sad but true. Hopefully the scene will pick up again soon, seems to always blow up then slow down for a while


It appears to me to be the product of multiple factors. The least concrete of them seems to be a slight downturn in interest in the hobby overall, I don’t know if anyone else perceives this and I can certainly be guilty of it myself. Another factor is certainly the growth of other avenues for discussion, however unsatisfying those may be, like reddit and FB. The other thing I think is that yoyos are a victim of their own success when it comes to the amount and quality of discussion surrounding them. So much lively debate, ingenuity and individuality sprang up from tinkering with yoyos to make them play better or more to one’s liking. Now every yoyo you buy comes to you stock already perfect and ready. Sometimes I wonder if a yoyo that came with a mod kit and tons of different options to try could catch on. So in conclusion, I know I’m obsessed with yoyoing when I’m thinking about all this stuff.


You know your obsessed with yoyoing when you try to land a combo while riding a skateboard or ripstick

(Owen) #2859

…you do it for more than two hours every day for the past ten years!


When you have to make dinner but instead you are looking for a new yo-yo to buy