Do you ever dream about yoyoing?

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For a week I’ve been watching a front style tutorial and the combo, of course, starts with split bottom mount but right away he does a front underscoop which was causing me problems. I did not understand it because it seemed the yoyo would fly off the string. I’d watch the tutorial but forget it right away. Last night I kept dreaming about this underscoop. This morning it clicked for me. My non throw hand needs to stay up. I’ve been practicing it all morning and am pretty happy. I’m not sure what this is called - pass or non-finger wrap roll, but whatever. It’s just a little move that can be done a few times between front style tricks/moves in a combo. I think our brains organize things when we sleep and then puts crucial things into waking-hours memory muscle - with throwing, in my case. Maybe if I slept more I’d get better more quickly (with yoyoing!).


the great yoyoman has blessed you in your dreams

(Evan Landreneau) #3

What the heck did I just watch?

(Joseph) #4

I dream about Yoyoing every time I dream. :sleeping::drooling_face:

(Tyler) #5

Does daydreaming count? I’ll zone out thinking about new tricks or combos to try.


i always just think of elements and combos in my head that i think i can do but in reality when i try it just doesnt work out

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Wait you’re back?

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Didn’t you quit the forum or something?


This does happen. Neural pathways in the brain are reinforced when you sleep, and is a critical part of learning and memory. This is why a good night of sleep is very important when studying for exams and such, and ive never understood why people try to pull all-night cram sessions.

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He did leave, but thanks to @codinghorror’s contest, his parents realized we aren’t some evil scammers trying to take his stuff. He is allowed on the forums again.





(ChrisFrancz) #13

And I think watching “King of Queens” before falling asleep might help too. And for the last 4 days I’ve been watching an episode of season 1 of the original Star Trek every evening.

(ChrisFrancz) #14

If you can do them in your head, you can do them unless it’s literally impossible due to physics like the trick where the string vanishes and reappears in a spectatators pocket.


its not that theyre impossible i just lack the skill haha

({John15}) #16

I haven’t had a dream about yo-yoing, but I have a dream not too long ago that I was killing it at kendama


I read this article many years ago about the U.S. Olympic Skiing Coach(at the time; I don’t remember his name?).

In that particular Olympics; the Team did pretty well in a few events.

When they were interviewing the Coach; he said one of the techniques he used was to have the Downhill Skiers watch videos of near perfect downhill techniques; before going to sleep.

He said the Skiers would dream of the movements in the videos and mentally make micro adjustments in their form and execution; that improved their next performances.

The Coach said he felt that if the Team could develop a better discipline during sleep; that the positive aspects become engrained in their brains; allowing shorter times needed to react and move properly.

A few of you may have noticed something like this in Martial Arts. I still remember many, many years ago; CQC(Close Quarters Combat); knife fighting drills. I would never intend to dream about them. But I would wake up realizing that I would rehash every single drill; over and over. Step by step; and once I seemed to have sorted out spots in my technique that needed ‘polishing’; I would wake up, lolol.

And then when I was eating breakfast; I would replay certain highlights from my ‘dream practice’.

I also remember how many nights I had dreams about having so much trouble doing the second pop up in Spirit Bomb😳

Interestingly; that second pop up always seemed easier in my dreams, haha.


That second pop still gets me… with regularity

(Tyler) #19

I can’t seem to get my hands right on the second pop to form a good triangle for it to drop back through. I’ve landed it once since I started trying it, but it was almost accidental lol.


You’re far from the only one who struggles with it. Lots of people blow off that trick for that reason. They will say “oh it’s useless in competition so why bother” which translates to “I can’t do it so I gave up”