Oh lord, I had a yo-yo dream. xD

So, I had a dream I got my Code 1 in the mail. It played exactly like a duncan butterfly. It slept for like 3 seconds and then died and that was it. I couldn’t do any string tricks, and I was devastated. I woke up this morning and I was thinking to myself “Thank the lord and heavens above that that was just a dream…” Haha, I can’t believe oi actually had a dream about throwing. I don’t even have my throw yet and I am already dreaming about it xD

Has anyone else ever had a dream about yo-yoing or am I just a crazy mofo?

I’ve done it on several occasions. Had one last night about getting the Fidalgo.

I can’t wait for that release.

Hmm never heard of that throw before.

Never had a Yoyo dream but the Code 1 is the smoothest playing yoyo in my arsenal. Once arrived, I hope it plays better than your nightmare :smiley:

God I hope so. I hope it is a better choice than the DV888 I had that and all the reviews said it had amazing spin time, but i never got it to spin very long. It also had a lot of vibration. It was still a good yoyo though i liked it. Just want something better

I have dreams of winning WYYC, like completely destroying everybody with impossibly technical tricks. Now if only I can remember those impossibly technical tricks when I wake up…Or maybe have one thousandth of the skill level of me in my dreams

I dreamt up a fingerspin trick once, it was cool at the time since I hadn’t yoyoed too much yet but I don’t do it much anymore.

Okay, well yoshi isn’t weird then. Well I am weird for different reasons.

If you do remember the tricks you were doing they’ll probably be really lame. They just seemed cool because you were in a dream.

I’ve had dreams about writing a song like that. They sucked. But sounded cool in a dream

If i throw for like a hour before i go to bed i dream about it all night. Same thing with video games. I prefer yoyo dreams over call of duty dreams.

Weird but I had a dream where I opened my closet and it was filled with hundreds of yoyos

Had a dream while waiting for my black Yeti that it played like a dollar tree throw and fell out of my car while driving and got smashed.

Had a few dreams of getting into one of the places at top 3 of Worlds and US Nats in all divisions using like C3 Teleports for 1A, 3A, and 5A and doing soloham in 4A and stuff…

I’ve had countless yoyo dreams…

Exactly like my dream, but without the car.

That is one time when reality is better than dream.

I had a dream that I was a world champion. Then I decided to become one. Then I realized it was impossible. So I forced myself to wake up.

I would’ve just lucid dreamed and started flying around Tokyo or some craziness like that.

I get bunch of yoyos that I want in my dreams.