Yoyo Nightmares


You’ve most likely talked about your dreams that you want to achieve in your career as a Yoyo Player, but now its time to say your biggest fears in your career.

What is your nightmare?


Okay, so I’m walking around in the mall following my sisters and I reach for my yoyo…

…but it’s not on my belt loop.



I woke up screaming that night, I also wondered why my sister came all the way from Minnesota (or Massachusetts, I forget sometimes) just to go to a mall.


Well, when I was at PNWR this year, something happened. I brought all my expensive yoyo’s in a little suitcase kind of thing. (My dad ended up giving me $20 to help pay for a large YYE bag)

My parents were sitting down and wanted to take pictures of me on the stage. After that we left to go grab a bite. As we left I was putting my new Avalanche in my pocket while my dad went to help get my case. I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

He grabbed the handle and lifted the case. The little things that snap the suitcase closed were open and ALL of my yo-yo’s fell and clanged on the ground. I was ready to crap my pants. Everyone around us was like “OOOOOOOOOH.” The yo-yo’s ended up being fine with no dings or flatspots even. That scenario and that noise of 25 yo-yo’s hitting the ground at once always haunts me in my dreams.


Dude, it wasn’t even funny when my cousin dropped my OG 7075 Superstar in the pool…


I’m so sorry you had to go through this. :frowning:


you should have gone to the meet yesterday, my Equinox fell in the fountain.


I didn’t know there was a meet. How can I get contacted as to when the meets are? If there’s an emailing list, let me.

Back on topic, you just have no love for YYF yoyos so yeah.


I swear it actually happened… i was in a contest…so my turn came and was i reaching for my OD cafe in my pocket racer and i didn’t find it! i woke up in panic and i realised i don’t even have a yoyo,i was pleased ::)…




Mine is the recurrence of something that happened to me 15+ years ago. I was shooting the moon with a Yomega Saber Raider (sharp edges…my gosh) and the yoyo stalled on the upswing. Shot directly onto my brow and cracked it open. Required 6 stitches.

Relive that moment once in a while. :-\


ill make a thread


I don’t understand how I’ve broken multiple consecutive strings in this same place.


you will never own a original metal grind machine
you will never meet the throwers you look up to
you will never steal A whip from Ann Connolly
you will never be sponsor by x(or in iyoyo58’s case yyj)


Yoyoing mimes!

…that is the stuff nightmares are made of.

(Alex Fairhurst) #16

lol at the plant in the fish tank.


I fear breaking my fingers, or getting, some type of arthritis


Oh… I thought we were talking about like a bad dream…

One time when I was sleeping, in my dream I met Zach Gormley.

Scary stuff.


So i am yoyoing, and i am throwing my favorite glacier express, (out of the seven that i have), which has an ash berry colorway, and in the middle of an awesome combo, the string snaps, and the yoyo flies out the window into my pool. I wake up screaming before sighing with relief: I do not have even one glacier express, i do not have a pool, the combo was one that i have not learned yet, and i am colorblind so the colorway thing has nothing to do with anything… thank The Lord it was only a dream… oh wait… i still want a glacier express.


I was walking around with my new throw, Bunblebee. I was at my pool. And I put it down on the table and went swimming. An hour later it’s gone. I keep swimming. Then I find it in my pocket in my bathing suit…

And there are these two LITERALLY DEVIL kids. One time they took a yoyo and almost threw it on the ground. Since they are spoiled and their mother does nothing I had to grab it from him. He ended up biting my arm, I told his mom and she was like “Awww Harper did you do that? That’s bad and don’t do it again”…