YoYo Dreams

Hey Guys.
I was wondering if you guys ever had like a YoYo Dream where like stuff happens to YoYo Companies, Sponsored Players, etc, that wold NEVER happen in real life? Then you wake up, and think it all really happened until you check the Internet? XD
I have these dreams all the time. Like last night, I had a dream that Josh Yee got Sponsored by YoYoFactory (…Never would happen) lol.
So whats your YoYo Dream? :wink:

i once dreamed brett (ibanez collector) broke into my house and painted all my yoyos XD

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my yoyo dream, andre showed me how to do ladder escape right!! (i still cant lol)

It was a while ago. I was hanging out with tyler severence at a yoyo competition… I dont remember anything else lol

Andre Boulay came to my house and sponsered me for no reason, i learned every single trick at once, and got 5 of every yoyo in every color :slight_smile:

If you dream about something you are doing it too much. That said I also have casual dreams about yoyos. Mostly just throwing them and doing nondescript stuff that would work in real life.

LOL That would be Awesome. :smiley:

that tyler severance could teach me one of his 5a tricks and thats it

once i entered a yoyo internet contest i had a dream i won it and i looked at it and i didnt ( I REALLLLLYYY thought it was real)

I had a dream that I had to go to the post office to ship a yoyo… then I did it the next day. coincidence?

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I once dreamed that I got a RecRev Sharp in the mail for no reason. It’s weird because I don’t even like the Sharp that much. It came in a long tube with papers that looked like instructions(I assume that’s not how it actually comes in the mail). I woke up before I got to open the package…

Last night,

Dr. Yoyo had his M1 goggles on and said “would you throw me? I’d throw me…” and Goodbye horses was playing on the record player. He then made the transformer noise and transformed into a green and purple splash M1. He began spinning and talking about random stuff as his hands that floated there and apparently didn’t transform into a part of the yoyo did tricks. This was at a mall I think there wwere a lot of people.

I woke up disturbed and terrified.

I have a question.

How many of these dreams are actually real?


mine is.

Wow that was a fast response. I posted that about thirty seconds before you did. But I do have a feeling that some of these are made up…

hey, i check YYE alot :smiley:

i agree with ya. like the brett one

There’s no way I can actually prove it since polygraphs aren’t admissible as evidence.

that was real!!!

Last night I had a dream I was in a movie theater and it was filled with people I knew. I was walking down an aisle and on the screen came a grainy photo of a Doc Pop Weekender yoyo and then he was on screen in front of rows and rows of mathematic equations and I tried to hush everyone by saying “Doc Pop is a legend in the yoyo community” but no one cared and they kept talking amongst themselves and I said something to my brother about the noise he was making and we exchanged a few really mean, hurtful words which made me sick.

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