My yoyo nightmare...

Well, last night, I had this crazy dream. I somehow met brett grimes and went on a yoyo odyssey with him. Then somehow ended up in Iraq with an M16. Then I somehow got back home and apparently its my birthday. So i look on the internet (this site) for a gift. I go over to the one drop section, no y factors… no dingos… no gnarwhals…no punchlines…no bassalopes. My god, that was a nightmare, it was all out of stock. I then woke up screaming…

That was some bad weed…


People who have dreams about yoyos… *facepalm

Lol, it’s probably because I spent an hour reading, “you know you’re obsessed with yoyoing, when…”

I can’t belive you posted that on the web for everyone in the world to see…lol. :smiley:

That kids, Is why you don’t do drugs. xD

I thgouht it wsa ncie draem, whta drugs?

Dang dude. You’re cool.

Freud will have something to say about that M16 you were holding… ::slight_smile:

I once had this dream that I was in a boat near a duck and the boat started sinking. I was in the water then I climbed up to the duck, I notice I had something in my pocket. When I took it out it was a DM, not a normal one this one was a triagular one. Then I dont remember more.

It would be cool to learn how to lucid dream, then you can say ¨Well I want to go to a huge yoyo store¨ and yoyo store appear in front of you. Then you can take for free any yoyo you want and play with it.
I am trying to learn to lucid dream, its very hard because when your lucid dreaming there is a really small gap between waking up and dreaming. Today I had a dream that I was in some strange house. I entered a room and heard my dog criying, I could hear it when dreaming and in the room was also a dog, I knew that that was my dog so that told me that I was dreaming. Lucid dreaming was weird it was kind of closing your eyes and imagining something but instead of seeing it in your head your seeing it with your eyes. I dont know what happened to me but I wanted to wake up so I did so.

Probably mosts of us that yoyo have dreams about yoyos, but we cant remember.

LOL! :smiley:

seems pretty mellow compared to mine…

What did you have?

LEARN TO LUCID DREAM! It took me so long to learn to be aware in the dream stage but it is so worth it! The thing is when I realize I can do whatever I want it is rarely about yoyos ::slight_smile:

Haha yeah its fun. :smiley:

When I was in college i read a book on how to condition yourself to do that.
Every hour on the hour ask yourself am I dreaming, then pinch yourself. Like on the thigh or forearm, so you can feel it. Continue to do this, it will start to become second nature.
Then it will flow over into your dreams. Except when you pinch yourself there, you won’t feel it. And your mind will understand something isn’t right.
It worked about two times for me. A friend says he can still do it. I stopped pinching myself years ago. I should start it up again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how the subject just changed randomly :slight_smile:

'nuff said. O0