YoYo Dreams...

So yesterday a package arrived in the mail but I wasn’t expecting anything. It was a shipping envelope, the really flimsy fall aparty kind, but i looked at it, I felt it. I noticed a circular object and deducted that it must be a yoyo. But what yoyo I didnt trade anything, I dont recal buying anything. I open the package and discover that there are actually two yoyos one that I felt and one in its original box, an Arctic circle box. I opened the box to find a slightly dinged up but dead smooth blue AC and I still had no clue where it came from I then remembered that there was another yoyo in the envelope. I go back to my couch where I saw peeking out ever so slightly from the envelope, a Cliff, a grey bip bop Cliff, a mint dead smooth grey bip bop Cliff. I then remembered that someone was probably expecting something in return for these yoyos but i just told myself that I would deal with that later. I then sprinted out my door because I needed to tell my friend Julian(who lives right across the street from me) what had happened, but on the way I bumped into Caribou Chris who talked to me for a little and then gave me a silver bip bop Cliff( Im pretty sure that isnt even a real color…yet). I woke up of course, but then I realized that those yoyos never came, however I didnt have to worry about whoever sent them either. I went downstairs and realized that there was a shiping envelope sitting on the table, already opened, revealing a Cliff and an Arctic Circle, then i actually woke up.

That was what I dreamed about yesterday Have you guys had any memorable yoyo dreams or just some fun yoyo stories? This is where to them.

I had a dream that I won contest and every month yoyoexpert sent me a new yoyo. First I got a team edition dropbear then I got a yoyofactory ricochet. It was awesome.

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I had a dream that my family moved into Jake Elliott’s old house. He found out we moved there from a picture of a yoyo I took on a granite counter.

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I’ve had a dream at one point where I found a soggy old box of yoyos and twisty puzzles next to the tree where I used to wait for the bus. I remember trying to string one and put it on my finger, but dream-logic kept me from doing it for some reason.

But that’s an example of my more boring, tedious dreams. Usually it’s stuff like riding our horses in the house or snowboarding off a cliff that never ends, and I have to dodge rocks and stuff.

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I had a dream that Chris and Ernie fought over me to be on there teams it was awesome. It was such a big deal that I made them form into General Caribou Yoyo works and then they created my signature throw Majestic Circle then I woke up as it was being machined (facepalm)

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I had a dream where someone shipped thousands of yoyorecreations to my house. Good dream…

when i just started yo-yoing, i dreamed that i won the world yoyo contest. I had all these awesome yo-yos. Even a dark magic!!

it was when just started. give me a break.

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I had a dream that YYE accidentally sent me two YYR Dreadnoughts in the mail when I ordered red YYR pads instead… oh wait, that actually happened. I gave them back. ;D

I also had a dream that One Drop and CLYW came together and made a kick butt yoyo in just four days… DANG!!! Dreams really do come true. :smiley:

it was all a lie from the beginning it really took 3 days and 21 hours.


I recently had a dream where I was in a white room (nothing in it, not even a door) with every yoyo possible. I didn’t know how I got there, or even wonder how I got them. Keep in mind that my dreams are generally nonsensical, and this one was also pretty woozy, if you know what I mean. I was super excited, and so happy that I had all of these yoyo. The dream lasted for about an hour.

I don’t think that dreams can ever predict the future, or tell you about someone else. However, I do think they can help you visualize your emotions or desires. This was a good dream because it made me realize that yoyos shouldn’t be the only thing that makes me happy. I made good money for my age, so I’ve been on a yoyo shopping spree recently, and it’s not helped me out of my slump. I think I need to find something besides new yoyos to make me happy.

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Well dreams arent supposed to be logical anyways. I had a similar dream except it was just clyws, onedrops, and a few other nice yoyos, which i found in my closet, and i was trying all of them out… ahh, felt like yoyo heaven :smiley:

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Cool story. Good karma for you. :slight_smile: