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I figured we needed another dream sharing thread here. The other one died long ago. Please, keep your dreams g-rated.

Here is one from Sunday night:

I’m in a nice hotel. We are coming from the rooms and going to see a dolphin show. The show is on a boat, and the dolphin follows the boat while doing tricks. When the show ends, I go down to the back of the boat. The back deck is, for some reason, submerged 3 or 4 feet into the water. I keep going anyways, so I could pet the dolphin. The dolphin enjoys it quite a bit but swims off after a while.

When I get off the boat, I realize I got my phone wet. I try to use it and it half works, but not right. I get really mad and throw it at the ground. The back cover and the battery pops out, but it doesn’t break.

I rewrote it from my dream journal to make it flow more smoothly since I wrote it in the middle of the night.

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I had a dream that i stole a barracuda from a toy museum, and that it was a full sized Dietz.

now i want a barracuda

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I just had one where I was at a really fancy hotel and “Hotel California” was stuck in my head.


I had a dream where my popstar got stripped. it was a bad dream.


At one point this was recurrent I haven’t had it in about a month though…

I go to my crush’s house and she leads me to a room, and it is empty erupt for a huge pentagram on the ground. I turn around and ask what is this and she pushes me into the circle. My view shifts to her boyfriends house (they have a long distance relationship, separated by a few states) and he is standing with a knife in a similar room. He stabs himself in the heart and collapses. The circles start to glow and his soul is transfered to my body. I am completely conscious though have no control over my body but her boyfriend does. It ends with everyone happy including me for some reason, though my happiness is a very bittersweet one…




my dream is that me, iMarvin, my friend jasper, my friend Hannah, and my friend Nate reenact the book the Lost World.


Sorry if mine was too depressing

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Interesting. She must be practicing witchcraft. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully not :stuck_out_tongue:


YIPES! Good luck with all that!


So not to thread jack or anything, but what are some tips to remebering dreams, I want to start a dream journal but I only ever remeber my dreams on occasion. For example, last night, as far as I know I had no dreams…

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Your not thread jacking.  That’s part of the point of this thread.

Ok, so to start off with, you have 4-5 dreams every night, but most people only remember the last one.  A good way to remember them is to keep your dream journal under your pillow so you are thinking about it while you are going to bed, then, before doing anything else after you wake up, write it down.  If you can only remember part of it, write that part down, and then if you remember more later, you can write that down as well.  If you still can’t remember any, then set an alarm to go off 2-3 hours before you usually wake up and write down your dreams then.

Here is a good site that I’ve learned a lot from.  They also have a forum that can be much more helpful for specific things.


“I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie…”

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I just had a weird Harry Potter related dream last night.


For the past couple weeks I’ve been having dreams with the same girl over an over. But, it’s someone I’ve never seen in my life. What does this mean?


Lucid dream master race reporting. I can’t always do it, but maybe 1 or 2 days of the week I’m totally aware of the dream.

Although the last one was not pleasant. An old friend of mine was, for some reason, attacking 16 year old me and my mom in a department store with a knife. I had fairly superhuman strength given that I could control the dream but it still wasn’t enough to keep his entire weight off of me at one point as we fell after wrestling for a second. I could really feel the knife slipping into my stomach. Not painful so much as just feel it. Even after I woke up I had a sensation in that area that lasted for 10 or 15 seconds.

Usually, though, it’s great.


it’s a sign!!

it means nothing.

i had watched a bunch of science videos about the sydney funnel web spider, then had horrible dreams about spiders. i can’t remember a lot of the details but know it involved my other arachnophobic friend, and a spider takeover!


Had a dream last night involving losing one of my chief halves in a janitor’s vacuum.


i had a dream that i broke into OD and stole TONS of throws, stuffed my pockets so much, there where like 80 throws a pocket. Funny thing where that most of them where CLYW, even though it was OD’s shop, lol.


I had a dream where i robbed YYE. This was back when i was a noob, so all i thought to steal was like 10 dv888s