"Most Scariest Moment" Thread

My scariest moment was when My friend tossed me my dv888 over concrete! What was Yours?

In my nightmares, The mutant DNA was eating me alive. (I made it up :P)

Happy Throwing! =]

When all three of my children were born. shutters

haha lol

when i lost my first tooth ;D

When I played scary maze game for the first time

New rule, now about yoyos!

You remember that?

Ok with a yoyo.

When my 14 year old tried to take out both of his front upper teeth! That dental work was expensive!

I was throwing my Wooly Marmot and I heard the death Warble (you know the really bad warble that means the yoyo is gonna fall apart.) I immeadatly grabbed it and the pieces fell apart in my hand over concreat. shudder

Back in 04, during one of our church group meetings, there were many new people and one of the kids took my spinmaster3 which was my favorite yoyo at the time.

I didn’t know who took it but I knew it was stolen and was kinda sad.

About 2 weeks later, the yoyo is dropped in our mail box with a note that said: I don’t like this. Take it back.

Never figured out who that was…



Trying to knock a quarter off my wife’s ear with David Letterman standing 4 feet from me watching.

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My first yoyo contest when i got a slipnot over my bearing

hahaha thats Funnay

When I had all four of my wisdom teeth…it hurt so bad and I had to stay awake when they pulled them out…

~gorrilla_yo :smiley:

Ouch I remember having to get all of mine taken out, while asleep I pulled all the needles out of me and screamed and could feel all the pain. My scariest moment is when I hit my friend in the face doing boomerangs, he quite bigger then me.

I was sick one day, and I woke up and decided it was a good time to yoyo. I still had my envy64 at the time and well I threw a hard break away and it had an axle knot from the night before and it swung around and hit me in the temple. I blacked out for a good 2 seconds. It was so scary.

Non-Yo-Yo-Related: Walking through a simulated ‘war zone’ with a bunch of other college kids trying to beat seasoned veterans in urban combat.

Yeah, they were paint rounds.

But, you try to walk past a car and have it blow up then hear the ‘plink’ of the crate you’re ducking behind getting hit by round after round and tell me it doesn’t feel at least a little real. Intense. Once I got used to it, it wasn’t that bad but I have never experienced anything like that before or since.

Yo-Yo Related: Lyn Fury randomly going responsive and hitting my knuckles at mach 4. I thought I broke my finger.

lettingsomeone who knew how to yoyo play with my DM, but it was counter weighted. He threw a foward pass, went flying out of his hands and onto the concrete. I had to get a new one.

holding my skyline over concrete. i baby my yoyos so i was scared

haha Tom.
Doing re-gens, getting a knot, and knocking my hat off, in front of the girl I like.