Worst Yoyo Experience?

What was your worst yoyo experience?

getting hit in the nose with a metal yo-yo several times. Not fun :frowning:

Try the temple. Oww.

When someone asked what I was doing.

They didn’t know what a yoyo was. Sigh

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Nothing major yet.

I’d say the worse things have been when that areas on my hands and fingers that the string rubs on, when those get cut open.

The other thing is the muscle pulls from learning new stuff. Like, when I first started. Oh my, didn’t know those muscles could work like that. Repeating this with the left arm now with 2A.

Getting hit in the eye.

Getting told that in not even good in front of an entire classroom. Not fun. Being the only player in school, it shows his ignorance more than anything.

Oh yeh, getting hit in the crotch with gym shorts on. Ow.

It’s got to be throwing a wooden Duncan Imperial through the front window when I was 6 or 7. I’ve told the story before but it still haunts me.

As does the severe whippin’ I got.


Try the lip :stuck_out_tongue:

and when my teacher took my dietz away. worst 5 days of my life.

Cutting the area between the two eyebrows because a yoyo with a knot in the gap swung short. It wasn’t too deep to require stiches, but it still hurt.
It was worse because I had badminton [yes, it’s a sport] practice afterward and I got major headaches.

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this happened to my friend and i witnessed him take a code 1 to the cheekbone and gave him a good shiner for a week.

I just busted and bruised my lip sunday night still there (very healed, but still visible

I don’t have my DM 2 and it’s been four days(i’ll get it soon hopefully)

learning to bind on a responsive dark magic…hard throw, huge loop bind… yoyo to the eye… min later, black eye, for two weeks…

Though I enjoyed making up stories then telling them it was a yoyo, then them not believing because i made up so many other stories XD (I don’t just lie all the time, just a joking person)

In the mouth!

Worst yo experience? Being without a yo :’( .

Hitting my dad while practicing offstring for the first time ::slight_smile: Trouble City! :wink:

Was someone holding you down and beating you with it? Lol.

haha! This has to be on my sig!

Dislocating my knee while on stage.