Worst Yoyo Experience?


My worst was blowing finals at MER… Got last; but at least i was in good company (Chaz Baxta and Yoyomojo Dave were in the bottom three with me, they are legit people)

2011 nats, when my truck broke down 40 miles from anywhere, and I ended up having a nervous breakdown, and got stress induced vertigo, that still comes and go’s. :frowning:

When I was at my great-grandmothers memorial service this year and my mom had my YoYo in her pocket book. But than as Everyone was getting out of the car, my no dented new Super G fell out of her pocket book and got dents on it!

My brother (accidentally) knocked my former “baby” yoyo, my prized minty mint prototype Essence onto the tile floor leaving quite the large mark. He wasn’t paying attention when flailing his arms around and just knocked it off the table. Was not happy.

When I was yo-yoing in school and my teacher told me to put it away even though it was not a distraction. so instead of yo-yoing I sat around and literally did nothing for the rest of class when I could have bin yo-yoing entertaining myself but no the teacher is obviously a butt head for wasting precious Yoyo time!

When I was doing offstring the yoyo flew off the string and knocked my dads cup of boilin hot coffee all over him

I had a yomega brain and there was a knot in it an i had my mouth open and I craked my tooth

Showed up to a contest and started doing 2a. I hit myself in the eye doing punches. Started looping again a little while later, did a few punches, and hit myself in THE SAME EYE. I also wear contacts. I had to go on stage multiple times that day too.

Getting my phenom stolen was the worst yoyo experience out of all.

Hmm, this is weird. You shouldn’t be yoyoing during class.

You said you were doing nothing? You were supposed to be learning!

Maybe I’m wrong and people these days don’t learn anymore…

My project was already done so my teacher told me to do something so I was yo-yoing. because we weren’t learning so in the middle of what I’m doing not bothering anyone she like “Whhhhaaat your yoyoing?!? Put that away right NOW!” so I put it away bored to death for the rest of class sitting In a chair doing nothing!

Ah, now I understand.

Thanks for clarifying.

Well I was dismounting from a trapeze behind my head, and the string got caught on my ear, and hit me really hard in the mouth, making me bite my tongue pretty badly, and making my front tooth feel like it chipped (luckily it didn’t). It was not fun.

Getting hit in the face wit h a Genesis when it had a knot and I didn’t know.

Bad times!!!

it being today and my yoyo coming tomorrow, or tuesday…

Nothing too bad, just a few clunks to the noggin and a couple shots to the baby-makers.

horizantal knot to the side of the head with a full force throw and when i was a bgginer i tried to use my maverick for off string a few bind fails later i forgot to let go of the string and hit me in the chin and i had a nickle size bruze for like a month that sucked


Last night I hit my self right above my eye with my capless… I was bleeding and now there’s a scar about an inch long and a centimeter wide! Lol
I’ve also broken an iPad with my DM2!

I was over at a friends house and we were having an around the world contest. His yoyo smashed into a glass filled with red kool-aid and it spilled all over the carpet. His mom yelled at him for 10 minutes and I was just standing there awkwardly the whole time. Afterwards she made my friend clean up the glass.