What yoyo nightmare have you had?

Hey I just wanted to make a funny topic on an, yoyo nightmare you have had.
I guess I will start off,
I had a nightmare of me, completely scratching up the rims of my new gelada 2, I woke up at 5 in the morning to check on it, it was fine! :slight_smile:

I had a nightmare someone stole my supernova and my 7075 Genesis. I ran to my case when I woke up.

At night I cover myself in yoyos, pile them high on top of my bed. It keeps nightmares away and assures a peaceful sleep. If yoyos were the source of nightmares I’d never be able to close my eyes for I’m surrounded by them! Then again, I own the yoyo it doesn’t own me. OH NO! Being owned by a yoyo now that’s a nightmare. :wink:

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I had a dream someone took my cyyc bullfog and walked the “bulldog” on the concrete

Does anyone else feel like yoyos own their lives? ::slight_smile:

No… maybe… yea, I do…

Completely failed my yoyo performance in front of a lot of people in my college. Wait, that happened to me yesterday. :’(

:(… I’m pretty sure we all mess up once in a while, besides, failure is a stepping stone to success!

I dreamed I made it to finals at Nationals, 1a.

I only made it about 20 seconds into the freestyle before I got a nasty knot. And the only backup I found I had brought was a YYJ Unleashed. So I started looping for 30 seconds and then shrugged and walked off stage. It felt terrible lol…

Someone went to my house randomly and started throwing them to the floor, i was scared :,(

By them i mean my yoyo, sorry for the double post

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Ninjad by yoyo

Chipping a tooth. Especially since i’m on my way to becoming a dentist and my girlfriend would kill me.