Ever had this happen to you?


I’ve had periods when all I’m picturing in my head is one trick that I’ve never tried. Usually it’s something unusual. Like some move I’m picturing that I’ve never seen. Then finally I try it and it’s… weird. Usually I figure something out that I like. This happens to me a ton. Does it ever happen to you?


Several times, except they’re always way too hard for myself, lol.


Once, I dreamt of a very complicated star formation and came up with a trick. I don’t understand but it looked vaguely familiar. I saw motions into a star formation and stuff and did it. I then remembered why it was familiar I saw a tutorial vid since 2012 a year b4 actually getting into modern yoyoing which was the trick I pictured in my head:

I dont remember how I remembered all the motions annd came up with the trick more than a year after seeing it once but it happened


I envisioned the mount for the trick I am working on making now a few minutes before I tried making it.


I have dreamed a few tricks up. A few were spontaneous that left me scratching my head. Felt like I had already practiced them and already knew them.