Lucid Dreams

Its just a trick I dreamt up.  Sorry about the bad lighting and part out of the frame.

I like it! It’s really technical. However, it seems a bit long and drawn out. I thought the trick was gonna end after that drop at :15. That seems to be a good spot to end instead of keeping on with the rest of the combo. Overall, Schweet!

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Thanks, I just felt it was too short at that point so I tried to as more into it. Maybe I’ll think of a different ending that flows a bit more with the beginning.

Did you make this while lucid dreaming? If so, EVEN MORE AWESOME!

I actually did make part of this while lucid dreaming, the wrist whip and the over whip, but the rest in my dream was impossible so I made the end up during the day.

That’s actually really cool. Wish I could lucid dream. Been trying for months.

I just do a reality check when ever I start yoyoing. It became a habit and then I started doing it in dreams. When I realize I’m dreaming try to make up new tricks

Gonna try it.