My Trick Creation Experience.

wakes up and looks over at yoyos.

“Hmmm…I feel like doing some trick creation, not really feeling the compulsion…the @ feels a bit too precise for this…I think Ill go with my overlord.”

picks up overlord, notices there is no string

“Ooo, needs a string…ehhhh I dont want to use this new string though, trick creation works best with a slightly worn in string.”

takes string off of yoyojam clessiah and puts on the overlord

“ahhh much better, feels nice now.”

throws and binds a few times to get used to the feel.

throws a quick trick that is a standard “feel trick” thats easy and second nature

thinks back on different things that inspired from the previous day.

“Hmm…I feel like creating something flowy, but technical, maybe something that reminds me of that video from Hiro Irifune I was watching the other day…”

Throws and experiments with mount

“Hmm…thats interesting, wonder what I can do that flows well after this mount though…”

test a few possibilities.

“oooo that works well right there, ok now what though.”

Thinks about other inspiration.

recalls some artwork from the other day of character with heart pattern on fur

“ooohhh I would love to encorporate a heart in this trick. Can I get into one somehow from that last point?”

Test a few possibilities.

“Not feeling that…but…I guess I can settle…”

Sudden skype call

“oops, guess time to talk with my fun furry funny people! ^ ^”

Spends time talking whilst throwing random tricks somewhat mindlessly.

Suddenly does something a bit unconsciously that feels very natural


hangs up call to the confusion on furs, and test transition in trick

“Ohhhh I can get there from here!”

test test test


“How do I finish this?”



Recalls flip element from Mickey

“oooo can that work in this?”


“oh yes!”

begins process of being able to do trick 10 times in a row to ensure having it “down”

3 hours later…


“AND DONE! But now it needs a name…”

Does trick a few times

recalls the artwork of femboy fox with the heart pattern

“Femboiz are awesome, and this trick is somewhat complex and long.”


Remembers one of the best examples of technical 1A videos “1A43v3r”

Femboi 43v3r comes to mind

“Thats it. Femboi 43v3r!”

Does trick a few more times on camera, not for video, but to ensure memory for later time




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On behalf of everyone- we want a video!

i 2nd this


Trick can be seen at:
at: 1:59
^ ^

This was kind of awkward. Usually, when I make a trick, I start by doing a trick a already know and mess up and find that it’s cool. I use that and build off of it.

hence why this is “my” trick creation :wink:

LOL, exactly. Everybody invents tricks differently. For me, I use a cool “step one” that I randomly came up with. Then I kind of go from there until I decide that the end has been reached. So far every one of my tricks end in a GT except one, which has one in the middle, LOL.