So....... Trick Development.

What do you guys do for creating tricks?

When you get stuck at an “element” or “part,” what do you do? Do you practice and practice what you want to happen in the trick, or do you change the part of the trick?

How long does it take you to make a trick on average?

How much of your trick creation is actually just messing around?

Just some things I have been thinking about, and I am curious about your answers. :slight_smile:

I was curious about this subject too.

For me I’ll make maybe one or two tricks a month at most.

I usually make up a trick after I consciously decide I want to make something new up. Not typically by messing around.

When I get stuck it depends on what I’m trying to accomplish. If I want the trick to do something specific, like land in a tower, I might have to just start from scratch and try something new. If I’m just stuck on a random part in a trick I’ll just try as many possibilities as I can think of until I think it looks cool.

Most if not all my trick making has been a product of me screwing around.

Usually from trying to mash up elements from other stuff I’m trying to learn. Then I purposely mess up or change a movement. Sometimes you get something, sometimes you get a knot.

I dunno how long it takes to figure it out though. I don’t think there’s a general time frame. It’s more of a you come up with something or you don’t.

The way I create tricks is that I’m doing something thats not yoyo related and I randomly start thinking about tricks and one that takes me a few minutes to develop in my mind. So i just stop what I’m doing and try it. tons of times they don’t work but others I develop in to tricks or combos.

i sit there with my eyes closed throw a few trapezes think about what i may be able to do and try it a few ways it usually involves just doing random things.

Most of my tricks though come from accident or whims.

I like small technical tricks, so my tricks usual start from picking a mount. Then, trying to incorporate slacks and tech stuff into it and getting into a knot, then trying to find a smooth way out of that knot.

It usually takes me a day or two at max to make a trick up. But, it takes me about a week to perfect it.

After going to contests I usually make tricks by accident I made a chopsticks tower trick by just playing around with concepts

I typically make tricks up from random elements my hands get used to then I slowly add more steps to it. I’ve never finished a trick yet, all of my tricks are still a work in progress.