Ever on a trick roll and then forget something?

Today I was throwing and thought I had come up with some decent new stuff. When I went back to re try it, I couldn’t remember what I had done lol. Frustrating but oh well.

Happens to me after I learn a bunch of new tricks. I always forget the intros:P

Most annoying is when i am just messing around and stumble upon some amazing element…then can not repeat for the life of me. :-\

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Yah, that is pretty much what happened to me today :(.

Hate when that happens. You come up with something you love, put you’re yoyo down, and just can’t figure it out again.

I just did this really weird thing that looked like a 5a helicopter trick but the counterweight and yoyo kept flipping back in the opposite directions… It looked cool until my yoyo spun out:(