Forgetting tricks....

Is it not the most frustrating thing in the world when you forget YOUR OWN FRAKKING TRICK?! Sheesh! i hate that junk!

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Happens to me often. Then I usually end up trying every possible thing… and I still get nowhere.

It’s natural i guess.
until now, i cant figure out some trick that once i mastered.

What I usually do is when I get the trick down good then I film it. Never to be forgotten again.

Here is one of the many reasons it is impossible to master yoyoing…

Well, see, I’ve done that and there are a couple of tricks that for some reason i just can’t do. Its weird. Then again it was a terrible angle.

trick notebook saves my life sometimes

I forget tricks sometimes straight after I do them…

Damn flow.

I know!

I mostly forget intermediate tricks, like, mach 5 and atomic bomb.

while doing bigger combos i usually do an intermediate trick (or something simular if im on a different axis) so i find those hard to forget, for instance while doing a gt to a 1.5 mount i can do a move like a barrol roll from the 1.5…thats how i remember them

No, because once I have learned a trick/combo and have it down I stop doing that combo/trick and then forget it. It is the normal process I have been going through for around 20 years now.

How nice are dual recessed Mg’s! I siliconed one for Kahli, it was lovely!

I forget some of the tricks I invent to. Generally it doens’t bother me much are the ones I don’t like as much and don’t myself doing as much. But it helps to get them on tape. I also find naming them to help for some reason, i guess it gives your brain something to associate it with.

I like it a lot. this one was actually stock that way. I think it is a pre-poduction MG.