I constantly forget new tricks :(


Like i can make a really cool trick this day and the next day i will only remember the first mount or even worse, forget everything :(. Apart from my combos i tend to forget short tricks and elements, and i hate it. Is anybody the same? What can i do to improve my tricks memory ?


Write down the steps :stuck_out_tongue: kind of an obvious solution…


Same. I have a really fast set of tricks I love to do over and over. Its so hard to learn new tricks because they are slow and awkward. I am a slow learner. I pick up a new trick when its fast and flowly. I can do a lot of stuff, but if its to slow, and missed a lot I dont consider learned.


The most full proof method to not forget any trick or combo is to record yourself doing it, even explain to yourself while you are doing it. Smartphone camera or whatever you have on hand is better than nothing. If you don’t have a camera then right it down and give it a name that you will remember and record all the steps. Even if you know what you are talking about at the moment you may forget the small details later, hope that helps.


I’ve forgotten a good few tricks. In fact, just yesterday I forgot one, but then remembered the last 3/4, but just couldn’t remember how to get there. Kind of bummed bout that. :-\ I’ve learned my lesson though. Right after that I went and wrote down the steps to all my tricks I hadn’t already filmed. Writing down the steps and filming it are the best ways to remember them.


remember the feeling and the trick when u preform it. Thats what i do 8)


Thats what happened to me just I looked through all my old videos and no luck. I remmember doing the trick so much just nothing more.