How would you write down a trick?


I’ve been trying for a while to come up with some kind of nomenclature so i could write down a trick i like a lot, or something that comes up but you don’t know, at that moment, how would you use that “half trick”. Have anybody thought of this sometime?, do pro’s just memorize and rehearse the whole routine?


Are you asking how do people memorize their tricks? or a specific way you would write it down to memorize it?

(Zammy Ickler ) #3

Basically you write it your tricks down step by step. I tend to have arrows pointing to the next step and try to describe the element/movement as best as I can in as shortest amount of words as possible. Often times I only write the first portion of the trick and then forget to write the rest down.



You could also use a camera, be it your phone, head cam, or one you can pick up at target or Walmart, if that’s an option. Then record the trick from your view or the “audience view”.


Mark McBride probably came the closest to developing a system like this with Quantum Yo Theory and TFY notation. I think today’s tricks are far too complicated for it - though I do think his book, The Yonomicon, is still a great asset to the yoyo world.