The "I had it and lost it" thread


This week I was working on suicides and killing it (no pun intended). For 45 minutes straight I was landing 3/5 sometimes more. My best was 7 times in a row.

The next day I couldn’t land it to save my life. Same yoyo, same string, same room, same lighting. I was lucky to hit it 1 in 15 throws.

Has anyone else struggled with a trick where it seemed like you had it down pat, then suddenly couldn’t do it at all?


2a in general :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah all the time. btw, try a fresh string.


…and the related: “I got it right away, and now I can’t do it.” I recently posted in the “I finally landed it!” thread that I had Backhand Balance. Technically it was a finally landed it trick, because I watch Ed’s video a couple of times, and within 15 mins I was hitting it with no problem. Well the next day, and ever since I’m having trouble with it! Mainly landing into the Lunar mount.

Both of these phenomena, point to the mental nature of yoyoing.


I use to do “And Whut” as my “not really thinking auto-pilot” trick. I haven’t done it in a few months and last night I couldn’t even remember the moves. I had to go back to the video and relearn it.

I had it,

I lost it.

Trying to find it again. :smiley:


It happens, sometimes it’s a timing issue.

You might have been pausing a split second or delaying when it hit “right”

It could also be where the string was wrapped around your hand when it worked.

I’ve experienced this, nuances I had one day, neglected the next.


Boingy boing


Brent stole. First time I tried it, landed a bunch in a row and strong for like an hour. That was a few weeks back, haven’t landed it since…


Same here. I used to do it all the time, quite well. Now I can hardly remember the timing due to months passing since I had done it regularly.


3a. I was getting decent when i stopped throwing as much and now Im like a total noobie lol