Hey guys, I have a really big problem. I’ve always been able to do Boing e boing, ever since about 2 weeks ago. I would do it everyday, perfectly. All of a sudden when I pick up my yoyo and I try to do it, I keep messing up. I thought “Ok, just messed up a few times, I’ll get it this time”. It never came. I totally forgot the pattern on how to move your hands, it’s like I’m starting this trick again from scratch. It’s frustrating me a lot, has this happen to any of you guys in general? Does it normally come back to you the next day?

I had this happen with the Man On The Flying Trapeze trick. Well I tryed more and more and I did not get it. So I advise to do what I did, Go to youtube and watch a video exlaining the trick. After watching a few times it will comee back to you and you will be able to do it again.

Agreed. Watch a video again. Also, make sure to keep your hand moving only up and down, but you can move it forwards and backwards to start it if that helps.

Boing e boing has a way of doing that, especially if you stop doing it for a while and then try and pull one off out of nowhere. I think the advice that the others have offered about revisiting tutorial vids is great. I find it also helps to look up some threads on this forum on the trick you’re having trouble with. There’s obviously a lot of great advice on here, and sometimes it just takes a brief reminder to get yourself back into the swing of things. For me personally on boing e boing, it took a bit more than just the next day for it to come back to me. If it helps though, check out this thread I made for my boing e boing breakthrough technique,8586.0.html