boing e boing

:frowning: I used to be able to boing e boing pretty well, but then all of a sudden, I couldnt! has this happened to anyone else? maybe its just my arm.

It kind of happened to me, but I think it depends on if your using a different yoyo/string than the one you learned it on. (A different feel of the trick). You should be able to adapt to it though.

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it happened to me. i was soo mad!!! i can do it now because i forced myself to re-learn it.
i cant believe i actually forgot how to do it.

Can’t say that it has happened to me. Just tried the trick before making this post and did it fine. Just got to remember your throwhand has to move up and down and not front and back.

i hate that feeling! and like robin hood said, i did recently switch to 100 poly ( learn boing e boing with some duncan 100 cotton string.)

When I was first figuring this out, this happened a lot. Every once in a blue moon it doesn’t click on the first try. String length can mess with it too. Seems harder with a shorter string.

thank you for your help everyone! i finally figured it out again!